50% of shoppers shop more than one outlet

Consumers are shopping more than one location more frequently, according to internal research conducted by grocery chain The Fresh Market (NYSE:TFM).

More than half of Fresh Market shoppers make more than a single stop and visit at least five different food channels monthly, according to Supermarket News.

The retailer looked at shopping behavior of Fresh Market shoppers and those who do not frequent the chain and found its customers count on Fresh Market for unique high-end items, atmosphere and customer service, Jeffrey Ackerman, CFO and executive VP said at the Oppenheimer Consumer Conference in Boston.

That shopping around doesn't seem to bother Fresh Market much. "We don't need to be all things to all people because that would be just trying to swim against the tide on a consumer trend that that's how they want to do their shopping," he said.

The Fresh Market has been growing its store bases, particularly in the North East. It plans to open approximately 23 new stores this year. As of April, the company operated 154 stores in 26 states.

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