44% of shoppers go directly to Amazon

A growing number of consumers go to Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) first when shopping for online products. According to a Survata study, commissioned by BloomReach, 44 percent of shoppers go straight to Amazon, beating out the 34 percent who go direct to search engines and 21 percent who go directly to a retailer's e-commerce site.

Amazon's growth is strong, as just three years ago only 30 percent of shoppers started on the marketplace when shopping online.

Why do consumers pick Amazon? As many as 75 percent of the survey respondents said Amazon does the best job of personalizing the shopping experience. In fact, by a two-to-one margin, respondents said they don't understand why their favorite retailers don't offer the same kind of personalized experience as Amazon.

Knowing how strong these convictions are, 44 percent of digital retailers see Amazon as their primary threat. And 86 percent of the 500 digital retailers surveyed said they feared the personalization technology from Amazon was influencing consumer expectations.

Amazon's Prime membership has been wildly successful in the past few years. As of July, Prime had 44 million members, adding 3 million in just the three months prior.

Specifically looking at other competitors, while 75 percent of U.S. consumers said Amazon knew them best, only 9 percent said Walmart was best at personalization and 8 percent said eBay.

BloomReach found that 38 percent of retailers think personalization is reached by serving consumer personas and 37 percent said it was through delivering a unique experience.

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