43% of men are primary grocery shoppers in their homes

A new study unveils that the primary grocery shopper in a household is changing, as men increasingly shop as much as, if not more, than women.

According to the study conducted by The Hartman Group and MSLGROUP, 43 percent of men are now the primary household shoppers and are shopping frequently, making just as many monthly store visits as women.

The average U.S. grocery buyer shops three channels per week, including grocery, specialty, mass merchandise, club, convenience, dollar and online stores. For most households, this totals 15 visits a month.

Only 1 percent of the $600 billion in annual U.S. food and beverage sales occurs online. However, BI Intelligence predicts that online grocery sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.1 percent between 2013 and 2018, reaching $18 billion by the end of the period.

"You can no longer ignore the male shopper," says Steve Bryant, MSLGROUP director of food and beverage. "With such a strong contingent of primary shoppers being men, today's male consumers need to be considered in product innovation, merchandising and other marketing efforts."

Although the rate of male shopping has caught up with females, the genders tend to shop at different locations. Men are more likely than women to be found shopping at club, 34 percent; convenience, 21 percent; and online, 6 percent retailers. They choose these types of stores for their ease of use, and convenience tops price as a male priority.

Also, men are about getting in and out of the store quickly, so they tend not to browse, just search and retrieve.

"Don't mistake their lack of planning for lack of caring or think they are willing to accept items of lesser quality with higher price tags," says Laurie Demeritt, president and COO of The Hartman Group. "To engage with male shoppers, brands and retailers should offer tools and services to help them quickly and effortlessly locate and buy items."

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