33% of shoppers are mobile reliant

Shoppers are increasingly reliant on mobile devices and these same shoppers are more likely to respond to messaging that caters to mobile users, according to a new study.

DMI grouped 2,500 survey respondents by behavior rather than demographics, although the heaviest users do correspond to the millennial age group. This group is also more affluent, with 78 percent making more than $75,000 a year and 50 percent with annual household incomes of more than $150,000.

One-third of survey respondents were classified as Mobile Reliants and met four key criteria: they described mobile device use as "all day;" used mobile devices in stores regularly; had three or more shopping apps; and had made a purchase on a mobile device.

This group represents the biggest target audience for merchants when developing apps or other mobile programs.

"This audience represents a significant opportunity for retailers and has proven they will reward brick-and-mortar retailers with increased loyalty, frequent visits and more spending if catered to through unique mobile in-store app experiences," noted the report. "Mobile Reliants favor utility – features that will help them shop smarter, faster and efficiently."

They want store-specific promotions, the ability to check item price and inventory, and mobile checkout. The ability to review rewards balances at any time and earn extra rewards is also important.

Offering such mobile perks is likely to win more visits, sales and loyalty from this group, contend DMI.

Close to 81 percent of these shoppers would use such a mobile experience, and 78 percent would be more likely to shop at the store over a competitor. Another 61 percent of respondents indicated they would visit the store more often, and 70 percent said they would buy or spend more while at the store.

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- see this DMI study and press release

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