25% of Baby Boomers shop on mobile devices

The lines between the physical and virtual shopping environments are blurring, but shoppers still prefer the mall over a computer screen even as mobile devices further enable in-store price comparisons.

Mobile activity, often assumed to be most popular among younger shoppers, is also gaining traction with the older generation. Roughly 25 percent of mobile shoppers in the United States are 55 or older, according to a Business Insider intelligence report.

Mobile shopping preferences are at a tipping point. While the majority of consumers prefer to both shop and spend their money in brick-and-mortar retail stores, more than 60 percent are increasing their online shopping activities, especially women and millennials, with 71 percent reporting increased online purchasing, according to a SmartFocus survey.

The survey also reveals a significant age-related gap in digital shopping preferences. Nearly half of all millennials spend more time shopping online than in stores, while only 27 percent of Baby Boomers cite similar preferences.

Furthermore, women more likely than men to identify and buy products on a smartphone and receive offers from brands via smartphone or email. However, about half of both men and women in the United States were open to sharing personal data with brands.

Showrooming is still a top activity for shoppers, with more than 60 percent of U.S. shoppers admitting to browsing stores and then buying online for a lower price, according to the survey.

Deals and incentives remain popular with shoppers of all ages and gender.

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