20% of millennials don't like interacting with cashiers

Almost 85 percent of shoppers have used a self-service kiosk, according to Retale, a location-based mobile platform that connects retailers with local shoppers. And even more millennials, 91 percent, have used this checkout option. It's no surprise: 20 percent of those surveyed said they did not like interacting with a cashier during checkout.

What's appealing about self-service kiosks? Two-thirds of respondents said kiosks are convenient. However, of those that find the experience convenient, 41 percent believe the method could be a lot better.

The biggest challenges presented to consumers by these kiosks include scanning items (35 percent), entering coupons (24 percent), understanding the service screen (16 percent), paying with cash (15 percent), and entering product codes (14 percent).

Forty-three percent of respondents said they often need help from an associate when using self-service checkout. Millennials, at 37 percent, were less likely to need support.

Despite issues, 49 percent of respondents still want the option of using a self-service checkout kiosk, and 20 percent would like the option to pay via mobile.

"Almost a quarter of all millennials use self-service kiosks to avoid any sort of interaction with cashiers," said Pat Dermody, president of Retale. "As a result, there is a growing demand for more automation and innovation throughout the checkout experience, via integrations with smartphones, wearables and other mobile devices. This will add to the convenience factor that already appears to be key to the experience."

Self-service kiosks are popping up more and more in all areas of retail. For example, shoppers can order products on-demand from digital kiosks stationed in True Religion's new global flagship in New York. And Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores (NASDAQ:SHOS) recently announced a shake-up in the store format with the addition of touchscreen kiosks intended for exploring and purchasing products.

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