Half of consumers frustrated by encountering too many ads when shopping online

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Online and mobile shoppers are not happy about ads. (bigtunaonline/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

The biggest frustration with mobile shopping is too many ads, according to 40% of shoppers, and they have the same fear on desktop, according to 53% of consumers.

It seems consumers have little patience for intrusive ads that pop up during a shopping experience, according to Usabilla's recent Retail Nightmare Report. What else gets under shoppers' skin? Another 34% of desktop shoppers and 31% of mobile shoppers found re-entering shipping and billing info annoying. In fact, 37% of shoppers only create accounts with retailers to avoid having to re-enter such information, versus 13% who create accounts with hopes of personalizing an experience.

Of course, along with efficiency comes easy navigation: 61% of consumers will leave an online store if they don't like the website and 18% said a bad website might keep them from ever returning to the store. 

"I think the most shocking finding was how little patience shoppers have for time-consuming shopping experiences," Katie Hickey, marketing manager at Usabilla told FierceRetail. "Especially in the age of Amazon, retailers and e-commerce pros need to really focus on efficient, frictionless and mobile-first shopping experiences. I would urge brands to pay attention to Customer Effort Score and experience design, as intrusive ads and 'too many swipes' remain the biggest deterrent of the online shopping experience." 

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In addition, it seems sales staff can be a nuisance to shoppers. Almost half, 49%, have lied to a salesperson to get out of a conversation, and 64% of millennials specifically. Another 42% of respondents said a negative conversation with sales staff could be the reason they never return to a store. 

A good amount of consumers still want to help retailers make improvements, as 37% said they are happy to provide feedback via email, and 19% are willing to give feedback immediately after purchase. 

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In return, consumers want reviews written by other shoppers. Forty-four percent of respondents report peer product reviews are the most helpful resource when purchasing online. Another 25% cited customer service associates as most helpful and 4% found chatbots most helpful. 

"Today's customers are simply more independent and digitally-savvy. Because of this, they are more likely to trust their peers' reviews on products and want to make decisions on their own. That's why, for the brick-and-mortar retail experience to remain a positive one, it's best for sales associates to be accessible, not intrusive," Hickey said.