Visual content can make or break e-commerce

Online shopper
47% of online shoppers make images a priority in the purchasing decision.

While there are many considerations that affect a consumer's decision to make an online purchase, visual content is playing an increasingly important role in digital shopping. In fact, 47% of U.S. online shoppers rate high-quality product images as the most influential factor when considering a purchase.

According to a survey conducted by Splashlight, a visual content creation company for e-commerce and social media, consumers valued the quality of a brand's product images over other factors including social media, branding and product description.

In addition, almost 38% of respondents said that social media content has little influence on their purchase decision, and another third report that it has no influence.

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So what are consumers looking for? Half of U.S. online consumers would like to see a minimum of three to five product photos—images from the front, back and side of a product—before considering making a purchase. And another quarter of respondents would like a minimum of six photos, including shots of the front, back, side, 360-degree view and a close-up of the product.

Moreover, how the image is presented can make a difference in a consumer's decision. More than half, 51.7% of those surveyed said that on-model photography may increase their chance of making a purchase.

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“The consumer survey confirms the needs from the leading retailers, luxury, fashion, jewelry and athletic brands we partner with: both quality and quantity of e-commerce product photography are the most crucial influencers to drive purchase decision” said Camille Park, head of account management at Splashlight. “Despite all of the buzz about social media advertising, as visual search and e-commerce become even more ubiquitous and widespread there is a real ROI for brands and retailers to scale and elevate their e-commerce product photography.”