Video ad watching up 19%

Smartphone millennials
Advertisers are putting out better video to increase mobile outreach and it seems that consumers are responding.

Consumers' response to video advertising is on the rise and was up 19% in the latest quarter, according to a new second-quarter benchmark report from Extreme Reach—a cloud technology platform for TV and video ad workflow. 

Comparing video ad metrics from the second quarter in 2016, the data (PDF) shows that advertisers are putting out better video to increase mobile outreach and it seems that consumers are responding. Viewability has increased 20% from 2016 and completion rates are up 20%. 

"Through our most recent Quarterly Benchmarks Report, we’ve noticed trends that attest to the ever-changing face of video advertising,” said Dascha Bright, senior vice president of account management at Extreme Reach. “As the Ad Cloud and workflow platform of choice for thousands of brand advertisers and agencies across the country, we have a birds-eye view into video ad placements and consumer response, which are shaping the way ads are deployed.”

It seems consumers have also changed their preferences in screens since 2016. This year, media aggregators reported a 54% increase in desktop click-through rates and premium publishers, which tend to run more impressions on mobile. Tablet saw a 37% decrease in click-through rates. 

Small video players, which includes mobile screens, saw a jump in usage as well.

Bright says she was surprised that the length of a video was not a determining factor in completion rates. 

"I believe that 15 and 30 second spots that are highly creative can capture the attention of viewers on any screen or device. This report shows an increase in completion rates for both 15 and 30 second spots," she said.

Bright notes that there are a lot of challenges facing retailers when it comes to creating video ads in 2017. Specifically, the amount of options both for buying methods and an endless stream of new creative ad formats available. 

"On top of that, as ads cascade out of the contained TV set and play across all screens and devices, advertisers are faced with real challenges in the management of talent and rights associated with those ads," Bright said. "We’re so encouraged at all the innovation happening on the media, creative and execution front, so we expect to see these challenges diminish so we can seize the new opportunities to connect with consumers in ways that drive business for retailers."