Sephora improves mobile engagement in Southeast Asia

Sephora's app is well-known among beauty consumers for its forward-thinking technologies.

Sephora has partnered with PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane to improve mobile engagement and sales for the beauty retailer's international customers. 

When Sephora's newly launched mobile shopping app for Southeast Asia was experiencing latency issues, PacketZoom's SKD was integrated, in less than an hour, and immediately performance improved within the app. 

"As a pioneer in the use of mobile in beauty, we always look for new technologies to enhance our mobile app and benefit our customers," said Lorenzo Peracchione, regional director of mobile commerce at Sephora Digital SEA. "PacketZoom's simple integration showed immediate improvement in speedup and continuity, allowing our mobile app users to enjoy a smooth experience without interruptions." 

According to PacketZoom's Mobile Observatory Index, countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia experience an 8.1% and 6.6% rate of disruption, compared to the U.S., 3.9%, and Japan, 2.8%. So when a beauty shopping app relies on image download speed and session continuity, an unreliable network can affect the user experience and lower conversion rates. 

“Speed is critical to consumers, and yet most developers don't do as much as they could to improve their app's speed and performance,” Shlomi Gian, CEO of PacketZoom, told FierceRetail. “By taking this important step, Sephora has proven that it is committed to giving its users the best app experience possible. We look forward to working with Sephora to expand the program to new apps and new regions.”

Sephora saw an immediate ROI and a boost in user engagement, including a 10% increase in image views. Sephora's app immediately ran two times faster and 63% of sessions with network-driven disconnections were rescued. In addition, since PacketZoom is a CDN enhancer, not a replacement, the platform automatically offloads mobile content caching from the CDN. For Sephora, this meant 65 GB savings per day and a reduction in CDN bills. 

Sephora's app is well-known among beauty consumers for its forward-thinking technologies. The app helps customers find the information they need when in store, gives access to Beauty Pass Rewards, provides access to Beautyfeed, a source for articles and video content, and more.