Poshmark offers stylists via mobile

Recommendations by Seller Stylists lead to a sale every few seconds on the Poshmark app.

Posh Dressing Room is Poshmark's new one-on-one styling experience between a consumer and a stylist via mobile phone. Poshmark, the largest social media marketplace for fashion, wanted to bring the essence of shopping in a physical boutique to the online world. 

Poshmark’s goal is to not only make personal styling accessible and more customized for consumers online but to also offer sellers the opportunity to expand their online boutiques. 

A Poshmark Seller Stylist is a curator of items for the community. Since 2011, Poshmark shoppers have looked to these Seller Stylists, who spend hours answering questions and scouring the latest trends to understand each shopper’s unique style and provide a personal experience. There are now more than 2 million Seller Stylists who are constantly engaging with consumers by leaving comments on listings in their closets. Seller Stylists also can create customized bundles specifically for their repeat shoppers.

Now, with Dressing Room, the process is streamlined, making it easier for a Seller Stylist to match buyers to the right inventory and allowing them to grow their businesses five times faster. 

“With the Posh Dressing Room, we tapped into the personal styling trend that already exists on the platform, and created the next major innovation that will allow shoppers to connect with sellers directly to receive or request one-on-one styling recommendations from their favorite Seller Stylists. With the Posh Dressing Room, Poshmark is bringing the personalization found when shopping in a physical boutique to online shopping for the first time,” Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark, told FierceRetail. 

Recommendations by Seller Stylists lead to a sale every few seconds on the Poshmark app. Customized styling recommendations are becoming the fastest driver of sales on the platform, with 75% of purchases coming from repeat buyers who regularly shop from the same Seller Stylist. 

While physical retail is declining and online shopping often lacks personalization, Posh Dressing Room is able to match the right buyer to the right inventory, effectively serving five to 10 times more customers while making it easier than ever for shoppers to discover merchandise they love that fits their personal style.

“At Poshmark, we’re rewriting retail in a way that hasn’t been done before, to become the largest fashion platform in the world that is powered by people, and we’re growing at rapid speed. The same way Facebook has recreated how we consume media and information, we are doing this for the fashion industry, empowering everyone to be a consumer, a producer and a curator. As we continue to fuel our community with features that focus on connection and discovery, we’re generating an entirely new type of marketplace where everyone’s style is shoppable, from anywhere and at any time,” Chandra added. 

Looking ahead, Poshmark plans to grow its kids’ and men’s categories in addition to breaking into new categories. The company is also talking about an international expansion in the near future.