Online shoppers want in-store experience

U.S. consumers are expected to do the majority of their holiday shopping online this season, but there are still quite a few barriers that will have them abandoning shopping carts. 

For the most part, these shoppers expect the online experience to match that of the physical store, especially the checkout experience. 

Just over 61 percent of shoppers who plan to spend $250 or more said they plan to make most or all of their purchases online this season, according to a new survey by SheerID. These shoppers are doing so largely for convenience and the checkout process needs to be easy and convenient. 

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SheerID surveyed more than 500 U.S. shoppers who have made purchases online and found that 56 percent of respondents would abandon their shopping carts due to expensive shipping, and more than 40 percent would do so as the result of a frustrating checkout experience.

Offers do matter – 63 percent responded that they are important or very important – and 20 percent of respondents said that issues redeeming a discount would cause them to abandon their purchase. 

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Free shipping is the most sought-after offer for roughly 40 percent of respondents, and the second most popular type of offer is a large discount on one item, at 26 percent.