Omnichannel is out, boundaryless retail is in

DALLAS— "We are in the midst of a dynamic fueled by consumer and economic shifts," declared HSNi CEO Mindy Grossman. Welcome to the age of "boundaryless retail."

Grossman told attendees at the National Retail Federation's Digital Summit today that retailers have entered the age of "boundaryless retail, a world devoid of artificial barriers driven by collaboration and innovation where we leverage technology to be a force of change for retailers and consumers."  

HSNi is now platform-agnostic and audience-centric, Grossman said during the opening keynote. "We're not clinging to any particular method or channel for sales." 

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In fact, HSNi has begun opening retail stores for some owned brands in the home decor category. Yes, the original televised home shopping network has gone physical. 

The first Ballard Designs store is open in the King of Prussia mall in New Jersey and a second just opened in the Washington, D.C. area. HSNi's Garnet Hill is using a repurposed shipping container as mobile shop that has now "popped up" in New York City, and Grandin Road has created a Halloween-themed haunted house showcase for seasonal goods inside Macy's Herald Square location. 

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"We are able to drive brand awareness for Grandin Road and traffic for Macy's," Grossman said. "So yes, we believe in collaboration with other retailers where together we can be more powerful." 

One advantage for HSNi is its ability to access data from digital sales and on-air customer interaction and apply that to retail environments. Another advantage for the wider industry is that the term "omnichannel" may finally be retired.


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