Office Depot launches B2B website service

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Office Depot is launching business-to-business web services.

Office Depot has announced the launch of a new service for business providers. BizBox will help startups and small businesses access services such as website hosting, design, marketing, finance, accounting and HR, all through a monthly subscription service. 

The BizBox platform builds off of the retailer's newest acquisition, CompuCom Systems, and it is part of the retailer's goal to broaden its business-to-business services. 

Office Depot has been a resource for small business owners since 1986. But the new acquisition unites Office Depot's expertise in the office retail with the IT services of CompuCom. 

"BizBox makes running a small business simple through its seamless interface with a singular website, password, invoice and BizBox account manager," a company spokesperson told FierceRetail. 

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BizBox members will pay $99 a month and have access to experts in the areas of payroll, HR and digital campaigns. 

"The monthly membership allows users to maintain ongoing relationships with their BizBox account managers and have a consistent and reliable experience as they build their businesses," the spokesperson said. 

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According to a recent study of small business and startup owners, respondents said email marketing, website creating and social marketing are the top services needed to grow a business. And almost one-third of established businesses in the survey do not have a website, and more than half do not have any social marketing. 

"This is just one milestone in our journey to becoming a broader business services platform," the spokesperson added. "We are continuing to ideate and innovate to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry and continue to provide cutting-edge business products, services and solutions to all of our customers."

“It’s not surprising small business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t always using the very services that would best help them drive growth. We know from talking to them every day they feel pulled in a million directions and often don’t know where to turn for support for all their needs,” said Kevin Moffitt, chief digital officer for Office Depot. “BizBox is a platform designed to help reduce some of the stress and barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from turning their ideas into reality, and is the first service of its kind backed by the business expertise of a multibillion-dollar enterprise.”