New shopping site creates social currency for retailers

Countr has launched as a new shopping site that plays host to hundreds of established retailers while delivering a unified user experience.

Countr bills itself as social shopping platform that lets users shop and buy from different stores in one tab, one cart. Shoppers build a data profile as they use the site and then are able to turn their personal data into currency that can be leveraged with participating merchants.

The more a shopper interacts with the Countr community – saving, sharing, recommending, purchasing and reviewing products – the more their “Countrweight” score grows, unlocking ever-better deals and exclusives, according to the company

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             Manon Roux

“Gone are the days of online shoppers just donating their data to retailers,” said Manon Roux, co-founder of Countr. "We built this platform to promote a fair exchange of information and products. We are out to change the way people experience online shopping and help them feel like they’re being recognized by retailers for who they are, not just how much they buy. The more we user-tested Countr, the more we realized we were onto something big."

Countr has been in test mode for the past three months with roughly 1,000 users. 

Participating retailers include Forever21, Bloomingdale's, Anthropologie, Zara, Ikea and Bergdorf Goodman, in addition to online operators One Kings Lane and Aritzia.

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Retailers participate as affiliates but will soon be more integrated into a platform that lets them create a dedicated store on the site, generate personalized marketing campaigns, and deploy tools for inventory and demand optimization.

“Our shopper has access to a community that helps them find and buy what they’re looking for. They can group-shop with friends and ask for advice from product experts. Countr is built to be a fun, social space,” says Roux. “Retailers get to directly engage with tastemakers, increase their exposure to new customers and conduct real-time market research. No other site creates a modern e-commerce environment where open communication – sharing of ideas, preferences and intentions – fuels transactions and mutual satisfaction like Countr does.”

Countr is currently available for desktop only, but the mobile version is set to launch in the first quarter of 2017.