Mastercard adds Masterpass to three mobile wallets and a car

Masterpass will soon be integrated into Samsung, Microsoft and Android digital payment platforms. Additionally, Mastercard will partner with General Motors and IBM to make secure payments possible from a vehicle.

Mastercard will work with IBM Watson to enable Masterpass payments as part of GM's OnStar Go service, according to the company. OnStar Go will be embedded in many GM vehicles beginning in 2017. 

Also in 2017, Mastercard cardholders who use Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay or Samsung Pay will be able to shop at merchants where Masterpass is accepted for online checkout. 

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Shoppers using those wallets will be able to use the same secure tokenized credentials and device authentication methods to complete online transactions at any merchant site that accepts Masterpass, creating a more seamless and secure experience, according to the company.

Masterpass lets consumers use any card with the service, facilitating a quicker checkout. It stores all registered credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards in one place.

"The integration of Masterpass with multiple digital wallets demonstrates that Mastercard is committed to scaling the digital commerce opportunity in a way that promotes interoperability," said Jordan McKee, senior analyst at 451 Research. "This is an important step in the continued evolution of Masterpass that serves to expand its value to merchants, issuers and cardholders alike."

Masterpass is currently available in 33 markets, and 35 will be on board by the end of 2016. 

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"Mastercard is working to ensure that every one of our accounts is as digital as the people using them," said Garry Lyons, chief innovation officer at Mastercard. "Enabling our cardholders to use digital wallets to shop online via Masterpass is the latest example of our work – alongside our banks, merchants and digital partners – to deliver rich, innovative, compelling and secure ways to pay and get paid across all channels and devices, redefining commerce globally." 

Mobile payments have been growing, albeit slowly. Various platforms such as Apple and Android Pay are proprietary and have limited availability. A larger program such as Masterpass that crosses merchant lines and platforms – shoppers can pay online or with a mobile device in a growing number of stores – should serve to spur use in 2017.

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