Kroger expands partnership with shoppable recipe provider

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Kroger expanded its partnership with shoppable recipe platform Myxx. (Getty Images)

Digital shoppable recipe provider Myxx will now be available in seven more states and 443 new Kroger-owned locations. Adding onto the 28 current states and 1,736 locations, new store lines include King Soopers, Ralph's and Fred Meyer.

Myxx feeds into the growing U.S. grocery trend of easy meal solutions. The company's technology includes healthy recipes, price comparison and the location of the products in store, as well as e-commerce. 

"Consumers have increasingly busy lives, and the need for healthy easy meal solutions is growing," Dede Houston, co-founder and COO of Myxx, told FierceRetail. "Convenience is key, and Myxx provides ideas, convenience, transparency and savings all with just a few clicks. We make shopping and meal planning easy and affordable using stores and brands they already trust."

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Myxx currently has more than 50,000 shoppable recipes connected to retailers. Users select a recipe and then, with a click, add products to their shopping list. This list can be used in store, with an aisle-by-aisle guide, or sent to an online cart for delivery or curbside pickup. 

Kroger first began a partnership with Myxx in 2017 to launch For grocers, the partnership helps expand their online presence and drive consumer sales, engagement and loyalty. The Kroger brand stores added to the list now include locations in Los Angeles, Denver, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. 

Houston says that retailers are eager to partner with Myxx because the platform offers the digital solution their consumers have been waiting for. 

"This is a new kind of loyalty that is key for the transition to online shopping; furthermore, we handle all of the integration which only takes a few weeks," she said. "Amazon is offering similar solutions online, and retailers still have the in-store edge. What grocery stores need are technology partners to help them stay ahead, and we offer that solution for consumers in store and online."

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Looking toward the future of grocery, Houston says that solutions like Myxx and Instacart can create tremendous offerings for consumers, simply by looking at the industry with fresh eyes and an eye for data analytics. 

"We will undoubtedly play a big role in how consumers shop, and how retailers utilize their data and connect with consumers as well as brands," she added.