Instagram shopping expands internationally

Instagram Stock Photo
Shoppers can now purchase via Instagram in nine countries. (Rohappy/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Shopping via Instagram is now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. With the help of the e-commerce platform BigCommerce, shoppers in these eight countries will now be able to instantly purchase products from images, a service already available to merchants in the U.S. 

Joining the BigCommerce team gives merchants access to more than 800 million Instagram users to discover and learn about products. More than 500 million of these people are active on the social media site daily and 60% use the channel to discover new products. 

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How it works: BigCommerce merchants can tag products in Instagram posts, making information such as pricing and product descriptions available with a single tap. When users are ready to make a purchase, product tags direct shoppers to the associated page on the merchants' BigCommerce store, streamlining checkout. 

BigCommerce has offered Instagram shopping for its U.S. merchants since October 2017. In these five months, merchants using Instagram shopping have seen a 50% increase in Instagram referral traffic to their site. 

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“For commerce to reach its full potential on social media, merchants need access to tools that allow them to engage in a way that feels authentic to customers’ current channel experience,” said Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer at BigCommerce. “Shopping on Instagram is the first example of successful social commerce in action, as it gives merchants a clear way to measure the impact social engagement has on sales while simultaneously providing consumers a more concrete reason to continue interacting with that brand.”

BigCommerce's Chief Development officer Russell Klein says that Instagram's combination of being an incredibly visual platform with a highly active community makes it an ideal tool to create the natural bridge between content and commerce that brands have been looking for.

"Features like Shopping on Instagram help push consumers beyond the one-time interaction of liking a brand post by offering a seamless way to discover new products within Instagram and purchase without ever leaving the app experience, and the fact that U.S. merchants using it have seen a 50% increase in referral traffic since the tool launched in October only serves to further illustrate Instagram's value for both the merchant and their customer," Klein told FierceRetail.