Instagram's influence on fashion purchases

Instragram has a big impact on fashion purchase decisions.

Savvy retail marketers know that social media plays a large role in today's apparel industry. And perhaps one of the most influential channels is Instagram, where photos, comments and influencers affect real-life purchase decisions. In fact, 1 in 3 respondents has used Instagram when inside a retail store to help make a buying decision.

According to a recent survey of Instagram users conducted by Dana Rebecca Designs, fashion and style are front and center as 85% follow accounts that are style- or fashion-focused. 

While the largest demographic of Instagram users are millennials (89%), 82% of Gen Xers use the platform and even 65% of baby boomers. 

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And after seeing an item on Instagram, as many as 72% of shoppers have made a fashion-, style- or beauty-related purchase. 

When asked how likely a user would be to purchase something related to style, fashion or beauty on Instagram, on a scale of one being "very likely" and five being "not likely," 34% of respondents rated themselves a three, another 18% rated themselves a two; and 8% rated themselves a one. 

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And which items do these respondents purchase the most? Out of clothing, makeup, shoes and jewelry, 29% said they have purchased jewelry or accessories after seeing something on Instagram. And while females are two times more likely than males to be influenced by jewelry on Instagram, males are five times more likely than females to be influenced by Instagram posts of shoes. 

It seems retailers still have work to do, as they have not yet figured out how to get consumers to purchase via Instagram. According to the survey, 82% of respondents do not use Instagram's "shop now" feature.