Google searches on mobile outpace desktop

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57% of all Google searches happening on mobile

When it comes to Google searches, mobile website traffic is far outpacing desktop traffic, with 57% of all search traffic happening on mobile. And Facebook recently reported that mobile advertising drives 87% of all of the social media channel's ad revenue. This data, released by BrightEdge, a content performance and SEO marketing firm, points to mobile as becoming the top choice for customers and retailers alike. 

"Brands must evolve their SEO strategy to the post-mobile world. With the introduction of the mobile index, it is essential that brands think about the customer journey across desktop, mobile and tablet," Kevin Bobowski, SVP of marketing with BrightEdge told FierceRetail. "A mobile friendly website is priority No. 1 in this new mobile landscape. Then marketers can focus on creating smart content that maps to the different micro moments on mobile."

In this new age of digital, retailers and marketers need to be thinking about both desktop and mobile at all times when developing a strategy. In October of last year, Google announced that it was running experiments to make rankings dependent on website mobile optimization and to display mobile site previews in all search results. 

In BrightEdge's study, 79% of searches were different across mobile and desktop, proving that marketers need to create two different ads for these channels. In addition, the study revealed that 47% of keywords in positions one through 20 rank differently on search on mobile than desktop, indicating the search indexes are very different on each channel. 

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Yet another key finding from the study revealed that Google shows different content across mobile and desktop 23% of time among the top ranking keywords. This data concludes that while a brand may appear on the first page for a desktop query, 23% of the time it will return a different top-ranking page on the mobile SERP. 

“Mobile traffic is huge for us and our industry—above the 57% BrightEdge is reporting. We are developing content with a mobile- first perspective to connect with our users with info, use advice, and reviews–especially when they are near a store where they can easily purchase,” said Carlos Spallarossa, director of SEO, L'Oréal.

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