Gen Z most open to mobile marketing

There's more evidence that generations differ on how they interact with brands on mobile devices. The younger the consumer, the more open they are to mobile promotions.

Young mobile users are more likely to act on an offer, give up personal information and interact with brand marketing than older consumers.

According to Nielsen’s second-quarter 2016 Connected Device Report, 19 percent of millennials, 17 percent of Generation X and 14 percent of baby boomers said that viewing an ad with a coupon or promotion is the top motivator when it comes to mobile advertising on smartphones.

The youngest and oldest shoppers – Gen Z and the Greatest Generation – are the most motivated by targeted offers, underscoring the importance of relevance to these consumers.

Millennials and Gen Z are fairly comfortable with being marketed to as long as it doesn't cost them anything: 42 percent of Gen Z and 44 percent of millennial smartphone users are okay with advertising if the content they’re engaging with is free and the ads don’t affect their mobile data consumption.

They also don't like to be inconvenienced – 32 percent of Gen Z and millennials are more likely to click on an ad that doesn’t take them outside of the application or redirect them to another website.

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- see this Nielsen report

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