EMeals expands editorial content, adds delivery through new app

Amazon Fresh truck
The new eMeals app is integrated for pickup and delivery options through partnerships with Walmart, Kroger, AmazonFresh and Instacart. (Atomic Taco/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Meredith Corporation has partnered with digital meal planning solution eMeals to bring curated meal plans to millions of consumers. Through the eMeals app—and with the partnership of editorial from Allrecipes, Better Homes & Gardens and EatingWell—users will have access to meal planning, recipes, shopping lists and grocery fulfillment. 

Each week, the app will offer customized meal selections developed by Meredith editors and staff nutritionists. Users can then select which meals to add to their weekly plans, save favorites and automatically generate a shopping list with one click. 

The app is even integrated for pickup and delivery options through partnerships with Walmart, Kroger, AmazonFresh, Instacart and, coming soon, Shipt. 

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“This is a fresh way to leverage recipes created by three of today’s favorite consumer brands in a practical tool that helps families eat healthier more affordable dinners," said Forrest Collier, CEO of eMeals. 

Allrecipes already has its own direct integration with AmazonFresh and Instacart for ingredient fulfillment. 

The meal kits industry in the U.S. has grown 6.7% in the past year, according to Nielsen, and generated $80.6 million in sales in 2017. And as many as 36% of U.S. consumers are interested in buying meal kits. 

"The driving factor behind the rise of meal kit solutions is convenience. People in today’s culture are busier than ever—whether they are single or married, urban or suburban, working inside or outside the home. Basically, eMeals helps simplify the inspiration, shopping and cooking of healthy dinners at home. We publish fresh recipe ideas each week across 15 different food style plans," Collier told FierceRetail. 

And while eMeals provides the same kind of convenience as the traditional meal kit providers, Collier points out that it has the added convenience of integrating with the existing grocery ecosystem, allowing customers to cook healthy meals at half the food cost per serving.

"We provide over 10 times the choice and flexibility given our wide range of dedicated food style plans such as paleo, clean eating, vegan, low carb, diabetic and gluten free," he added. 

Furthermore, the future looks bright for eMeals as the online grocery industry continues to grow. 

"EMeals will continue to experience strong growth as we help accelerate the use of online grocery and expand our partnerships with media companies, grocery retailers and food brands," Collier said.