EBay's big impact on small business

Ebay office exterior
EBay wants to help more SMBs. (Lin Cheong/CC BY 2.0)

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) located outside of major cities can extend their sales beyond the local, physical market through eBay partnerships. 

EBay recently partnered with a team of economists to study its impact on SMBs. According to data, 63% of SMB sellers use eBay to reach global markets and customers, and 80% say that selling on eBay enabled them to start an e-commerce businesses.

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Looking in general across U.S. businesses, data show that while many retailers are growing faster in coastal parts of the U.S. than in the central part of the country in general, the same does not apply for those SMBs that list on eBay. According to eBay's findings, the rate of growth by commercial sellers is just about equal by those partners that base their business on a coast or in the center of the U.S.

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More than one-third of eBay's sellers come from small towns, and the platform is responsible for creating more than 690,000 jobs. 

"We exist to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and thrive in the global economy. eBay is a partner to those entrepreneurs and our aim is to be a force multiplier for them. The eBay economy is real and thriving, and will continue to be a driver of job growth and economic vitality," eBay’s Chief Communication Officer Dan Tarman said in a blog post.