eBags boasts 70% mobile sales growth

eBags attributes much of its success to its mobile-first strategy. (Image: eBags)

Travel gear expert eBags reported that year-over-year sales via mobile grew 70% for both the final quarter and the full year of 2016. Just as strong, mobile traffic grew 67% for the fourth quarter and 53% for the full year.

eBags attributes much of its success to its mobile-first strategy, according to an announcement the company made during the National Retail Federation's 106th annual Retail's Big Show in New York City.

"We're elated to report these numbers and salute the hard work of our entire staff to ensure customers consistently experienced delight on the mobile channel," said eBags CEO Mike Edwards. "Checkout friction is a significant obstacle in mobile commerce and we executed a number of initiatives to address this, we're happy to say, with great success."

eBags has adopted many of Facebook's best practices for its mobile feed. These solutions include designing video for sound, optimizing the vertical format and tapping into Facebook Live.

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Other mobile-first moves included reducing mobile checkout pages from seven to one. The company also added mobile wallets Apple Pay, ChasePay, MasterPass and Amex.

On the backend, eBags incorporated adaptive design for site optimization, increased mobile load speed, and fine-tuned emails for mobile users.

The newest eBags mobile app uses editorial content to try and keep the shopper connected. For example, eBags' Connected Luggage Tag helps users keep personal information safe and reunite with lost bags. The Connected Tags are available in a variety of styles and can be attached to any type of bag.

"eBags' commitment to offering a comprehensive mobile solution for customers has been a key differentiator for us in the market today," said Mike Frazzini, CTO of eBags. "We took into account the specific needs and desires of our customer base, which included a fast experience, a variety of payment options, and a seamless path to purchase from any device. Plus, we know that bounce rates jump and conversion falls off sharply for every additional second a site takes to load. So mobile site speed is critical to a great customer experience. We have worked closely with companies like Yottaa and Google to assess and optimize our mobile performance. In fact, a recent Google assessment verified that the eBags mobile experience is best in class."