Dormify's sales conversion rate jumps 281%

Dormify partnered with Zmags Creator to publish personalized experiences, buying guides and campaigns.

Dormify has teamed up with Zmags Creator and Magento to offer shoppable content on its website. The online retailer of dorm and apartment decor has experienced an up to a 281% increase in conversion rate on some content-enabled experiences over its first year of deployment.

About a year ago, Dormify approached Zmags because Katie O’Connor, Dormify’s editorial content manager, was challenged with turning the content generated by their community of high school and college-aged “style advisors” into a source of revenue. The content lived on the company's Wordpress blog and social media channels, so its use was limited. 

So Dormify partnered with Zmags Creator to publish personalized experiences, buying guides and campaigns like "Shop-the-Room." In other words, Dormify would supply custom-built pages and blog content, and Zmags made it shoppable

“In less than a year of using Zmags Creator, Dormify produced six interactive guides and more than 20 experiences layered throughout our e-commerce site,” said Nicole Gardner, COO of Dormify. “Against all standard engagement metrics, Creator has outperformed previous content campaigns of this nature.” 

For Shop-the-Room, Zmags helped Dormify set up a digital experience—used by retailers such as Ethan Allen, Serena & Lily and Nautica—in which images submitted by the students who decorate with the retailer’s products are made shoppable for consumers. 

“This empowers their customers to create stylish spaces while also building and expanding the Dormify customer community. For retailers’ designing Shop-the- Room experiences, this approach increases sales conversion and average order value. In one example, Dormify realized a 281% increase in sales conversions,” Brian Rigney, CEO of Zmags, told FierceRetail.  

In another example of shoppable experiences, Dormify has created a page of shoppable room previews on its main navigation page. On these pages, instead of a grid of products, the retailer shows a room put together so that each item in the image can be added to the cart by clicking on it. In their “collections” section, Dormify uses the same concept but adds a carousel experience so consumers can scan through multiple immersive and shoppable images for even more opportunities to gain ideas and insight. And finally, in the “inspo” section, Dormify has integrated videos to create a more compelling view of their products. 

One of Dormify's buying guides had a 259% lift in average time-on-page compared to non-Creator experiences, another saw a 225% increase in pages-per-session, and their Top Sellers experience saw a whopping 281% increase in conversion rate.

By combining Zmags Creator with Magento, digital marketers can create retailer experiences and engagements, enabling pop-out shoppable images and offering access to features in the Google Analytics package. 

The demand for shoppable content has come from both retailers and consumers, according to Rigney. For retailers, the experience is a way to increase revenues via higher sales conversion and a way to elevate and tell their brand story in order to build upon a loyal base of customers. 

“Interactive and immersive customer experiences such as look books, carousels, buying guides and landing pages give them a space to be creative without tying up IT resources. The creative directors and marketers can build these types of experiences on their own with Creator—no coding is required—and thereby, easily create and rapidly publish the digital experiences that drive meaningful results,” Rigney said. 

He also noted that consumers relish in these immersive experiences as well. 

“Consumers are smarter than ever and the simple grid format for displaying products is no longer sufficient to keep customers excited by and loyal to the brand. These types of rich media, immersive experiences designed and published with Creator drive measurable improvements in time on site, pages viewed, bounce rates and of course conversion rate,” he said. 

Zmags customers range from large retailers such as Neiman Marcus to smaller retailers like All Things BBQ. The company is currently focused on enhancements to Creator that will help customers achieve their goals. In the next generation of the platform, they want to identify those attributes of an image or an experience which impact performance. Currently in a beta test, the ImageIQ tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of attributes of an image or of an entire experience.