CVS Pay rolls out nationwide

CVS is rolling out its mobile payment solution, CVS Pay, nationwide and shoppers can now order, pickup and pay for prescriptions using their mobile devices. 

The option is now part of the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, and integrates payment, prescription pickup and the ExtraCare loyalty program all into a single scan at checkout. 

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Users can refill and manage prescriptions and use the app to pay at pickup. ExtraCare members can link that account to apply deals and earn rewards with each use. 

The app also lets customers use their mobile device at the pharmacy drive-thru by providing a pickup code in the app. 

The company piloted the program in the New York market in August. The adoption of the program as well as feedback from customers has exceeded expectations, according to CVS.

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"We know that our customers lead busy lives, so our digital efforts are focused on making it easier for them to do simple but important things like picking up prescriptions. That's why we are thrilled to launch CVS Pay to CVS Pharmacy app users nationwide," said Brian Tilzer, senior VP and chief digital officer, CVS Health. "For our customers, CVS Pay offers more than just a payment solution: it's a seamless, quick and easy user experience that makes picking up prescriptions and shopping at CVS Pharmacy even more convenient."

CVS is a member of the Merchant Customer Exchange, which was developing a proprietary mobile payment program. That solution, CurrentC, was discontinued, but retail members including Walmart and Best Buy have been rolling out programs of their own.