CGC lifts shopper conversion more than 100%

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Consumer-generated content online leads to offline purchases. (bigtunaonline/Getty Images Plus)

Consumer-generated content (CGC) has become a big influencer in the omnichannel path to purchase. 

In a recent Bazaarvoice Network study, the Shopper Experience Index revealed that retailers who make consumer-generated content available to shoppers have, on average, a 106% conversion lift, a 19% revenue lift, and a 119% revenue lift per visit. 

CGC has become a large part of both online and offline shopping in the last few years. In fact, almost half of Bazaarvoice's clients now look to CGC to impact in-store sales, up from one-third in 2016. 

And visual content also plays a big role in the shopper influencer role. On some of the best-in-class retail sites, visual engagement with CGC lifts revenue 180% per visit, up from 55% in 2016. 

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Question-and-answer content has also become an important tool in the omnichannel arsenal. Q&A now influences 110% in conversion lifts, up from 100% in 2016. And 50% of shoppers use Q&A to decide between two products. On average, 60% of that content on the sites are originated from brands.

And the use of CGC is just going to rise, as 73% of respondents said they plan to increase the usage of CGC across the customer journey in the coming year. 

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The report by Bazaarvoice laid out that CGC has actually been a key component to accelerating the transition into omnichannel. In 2016, just 33% of Bazaarvoice clients thought the role of CGC in offline shopping was important and in 2017, that number was as high as 50%. And shopping behavior supports this claim as 45% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing a product in-store, a 15% year-over-year increase. 

Many retailers and brands in the study, 80%, said that visual CGC increases the discoverability of products, and 88% said it increases brand trust. And a whopping 91% agreed that CGC creates a more engaging brand experience. 

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