BoxyCharm secures stronghold in beauty box trend

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BoxyCharm has a winning formula for the beauty subscription box. (Jackf/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Beauty subscription platform BoxyCharm recently took home the “Best Customer Experience” Subscription Award at SubSummit. The company credits two major factors for the success of their customer experience: a deep level of personal curation in each box and the technology which enables their customer support program, Kustomer.

“Our customers interact with us through different ways, and we always want to be there for them," said Joe Martin, BoxyCharm’s CEO and founder. "We use Kustomer as our customer experience platform to empower every rep and manager to be able to have a full view of our customers and therefore provide great personal experiences and interactions, which is a critical factor in the subscription business.”

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Earlier this year, BoxyCharm began working with Kustomer in order to better integrate with other platforms and to take customers service to the next level.

BoxyCharm's business model has already morphed since it began operations five years ago. Martin says that the system is now better at harnessing more data and integrating with additional technologies in order to better know the consumer.

"There have also been a lot of changes to the retail subscription space and as the space changes, we make sure to change with it in order to avoid becoming stagnant," he told FierceRetail.

So what are consumers looking for in a subscription box in 2018?

Martin says that one of the biggest factors is the feeling of discovery.

"At BoxyCharm, we make knowing our customer a huge priority so that we can accurately recommend unique products that they’ve never used before, that they will love," he said.

In addition, consumers want full-sized products, not samples, and they want items that are on-trend, not last season’s leftovers.

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"Today’s consumers are very literate in quality and expect the best. They are knowledgeable about quality skincare and ingredients. It is important to feed that desire for education on beauty products, instead of just trying to sell them," Martin said.

Plus, Martin notes that trends are moving so quickly, it is important for BoxyCharm to keep ahead of the curve, not just on the curve. Therefore, BoxyCharm focuses on a few main factors to ensure that they provide the best items in their box and the best experience for customers.

"One way in which we expand our customer experience is by engaging our audience on social media," he said. "We never try to sell on social media; instead we offer our audience a behind-the-scenes look into our world and educate them on how to use the products they are receiving. We enjoy the highest engagement with our customers of any other subscription box and most of our video content actually goes viral. We are very critical of the content we put out and that factors into our experience."

Finally, BoxyCharm separates customers based on their experience and treats them based on how they interact with the brand. One example of this is that the company will increase the level of interactions for members who are identified as "Supercharmers."

Moving forward, Martin says the maturity of beauty subscription boxes is near, and soon the good products will rise to the top and the others will fade away. In order to survive, boxes will need a shorter path to profitability. Specifically for BoxyCharm, the company will continue to invest in technology.

"We are constantly looking for ways to implement additional technologies and AI, in order to identify ways to know the customer even better than we already do and elevating our overall experience," Martin said.