Birchbox gives men just the essentials

BirchboxMan now offers $10 subscription box.

Birchbox has announced the launch of a $10 subscription box for men. The company began selling men's boxes in 2012 and from the get-go included a lifestyle item in each monthly box—think headphones, water bottle, socks, gadgets. But over the years, more male customers have expressed an interest in hair, beard and shave products, and even skincare. 

Therefore, the new subscription box is "an efficient, focused way to make that accessible to a larger audience," said Christian Wallin, BirchboxMan's director of product. 

"And from a competitive advantage perspective, who better to knock out a $10 box than BirchboxMan?" he added. 

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Last year, the company began testing a box that was more focused and at a $10 cost. The original subscription is $20 but includes a gadget, tech or other lifestyle item. But this new box is solely the five premium samples. 

"We expect those opting for the $10 to have a stronger interest for exploring this world we call 'grooming,'" Wallin told FierceRetail. 

This new box is aimed at men at all levels of interest and engagement. Wallin says that the team thought about the best way to solve problems for men, rather than just making it easier to discover new products. 

"It's about getting them what they need in the most convenient, efficient way," he said. "Rather than expecting men to wade through the discovery process themselves, what could we be doing to do the work for them? Where could we prove useful in how men are already doing things?"

The launch of the $10 subscription box for men is part of a broader Birchbox effort to back the quality of what is being offered with new methods of convenience and efficiency. As 2018 approaches, the brand is evolving its business to continually serve those existing needs as a top priority.

The company hopes to secure its solid ground in retail moving forward as a unique brand in the space, offering a comprehensive selection of grooming products that are mailed directly to consumers' doors. 

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"We’re approaching it from a different angle, but regardless, who's to say we have to first convince men to openly talk about shampoo, soap, hair styler, lotions, etc.?" Wallin said. "The bar is low. Why raise it? If you can have a customer that loves what you're doing because you serve a need while keeping it low-effort, that seems a more guaranteed way to become a staple in their life."