Amazon again No. 1 in paid search over Black Friday

Amazon headquarters Seattle
Amazon is the retailer with the most text ad clicks over Black Friday weekend.

Amazon was the top-performing retailer when it came to paid search over the Black Friday weekend. According to search-marketing intelligence provider AdGooroo, Amazon captured almost 12% of text ad clicks and 3.2% of products listing ad clicks for retail. 

Walmart also scored high as the top product listing advertising on desktop, garnering 7.2% of all desktop PLA clicks. Not nearly as focused on text ads, Walmart only got 1% of the share of desktop search for retail.

Other retailers with a strong presence included JCPenney and Kohl's, gaining 6.5% click share of desktop (fifth in PLA clicks), and 4.6% of PLA ad clicks (sixth in text ads), respectively. 

In third place for desktop text ad clicks was Macy's, with 3.1% share (eighth in PLA clicks with 2.6%). And Best Buy ranked No. 4 in desktop text ads with 2.9% click share (coming in sixth in desktop PLAs with 3.1%). 

Walmart, Kohl's, Target and Best Buy all generated higher product listing ad clicks than text clicks. 

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So what does this mean for the rest of the holiday shopping season?

Jim Leichenko, director of marketing at AdGooroo said that while Black Friday to Cyber Monday is only a four-day period, studies have found that these terms are consistently among the top retail keywords each year, and the same is expected this holiday season.

"That said, anything can happen between now and Christmas, including a retailer burning out of money early and not ending the season strong, or new competitors entering the field who have saved all of their budget for a major December push," Leichenko told FierceRetail.

And Amazon leading with the top spot is no surprise; the retail company has consistently been the leader in Google text ads for years. 

"They spend more than any other advertiser on Google and they have a very talented search marketing team, meaning their ads are going to show up more often and in a higher position on the search results page than most other advertisers," he said. "In addition, the Amazon brand is known for having lower prices than other retailers, as well as free shipping offers, so consumers may be more inclined to click on their ads in hopes of getting a good deal."

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And Walmart's success with PLA clicks was the company's move to put most of its considerable resources on product listing ads, according to Leichenko. He noted that Walmart has two big advantages over many competitors when it comes to PLAs. 

"First, Walmart has a very deep inventory in terms of both the types of products it sells and the variety of models and brands it sells within product categories. Because PLAs allow single advertisers to potentially display multiple product ads per search inquiry, Walmart’s deep inventory enables it to often show multiple products in a given ad block, increasing its chances of getting clicked. Second, PLAs prominently display product price and Walmart is well-known for its low prices, which also increases its chances of getting clicked by shoppers," he said.