90% of marketers make email a priority

email marketing
Email marketing is still a priority for retail marketers, despite new technology.

It seems email has made the list of the top three marketing priorities in 2018. According to a new study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 89% of marketers listed email as a priority, even as other channels continue to mature. 

In the report, 45% of respondents also ranked email as their No. 1 priority for 2018 due to its proven ROI. The second-place priority was website marketing, which pulled in 24% of the vote by marketers. 

It seems digital channels did rank near the top, with 71% of respondents ranking website and 56% choosing social media as one of their top three priorities for the year. In comparison, 27% and 17% of marketers included push notifications and direct mail as one of their top three priorities. 

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Still, marketers must be careful not to forget in-store marketing, as in an earlier study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing on consumer preferences, shoppers across generations, 81%, ranked the in-store experience as influential in purchasing decisions. Yet only 9% of marketers in this current study made in-store a priority for 2018. 

"While marketers are certainly on the right track with engagement on digital channels, they must be vigilant about the preferences of their customer base and make sure they're tailoring their strategies generationally. While the popularity of e-commerce continues to surge, the in-store experience is still top-of-mind for most consumers," said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. 

Social marketing ranked surprisingly low, a priority for only 14% of marketers in 2018. 

In addition, 44% of marketers believe they need new technology to improve their communications in 2018 in order to fully embrace all marketing strategies.