72% of consumers visit Amazon before making a purchase

Amazon is the first stop for most people on the e-commerce journey.

Amazon's influence on e-commerce stretches way beyond the boundaries of the U.S. According to a recently published survey by Kenshoo, a global leader in agile marketing, Amazon is affecting consumers' shopping journeys in Germany, France and the U.K. as well. 

In fact, 72% of all respondents in these four countries say they research products on Amazon before making a purchase. And for Amazon users, 56% go to the marketplace first when researching a purchase. 

Even if a shopper buys the product elsewhere, 51% will still check Amazon for alternative ideas and to compare prices before making the purchase. And another 26% of respondents say they check Amazon for alternatives and background information and prices before making an in-store purchase. 

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For those who use Amazon, 23% admitted to looking at recommendations under "Customers who view this item also viewed" and 9% take the opportunity to share products they find on Amazon with friends via email, Facebook, WhatsApp or mobile channels. 

Other top sites most consumers visit before making a purchase include Google, 84%, and eBay, 31%, and for those on social media channels, one in four shoppers even visits Facebook when conducting product research. That number is even higher in the U.S., where 36% of shoppers look at Facebook, 24% check out Pinterest and 18% look on Instagram. 

And Amazon is integral to purchases in many different categories. The top product search in all four countries is for electronics and computers; as many as 76% of U.S. consumers are looking for items in this category. Other popular categories include music and movies, 57%; health and beauty, 59%; fashion, 52%; and home appliances, 46%. The smallest search was for food and grocery, which was still only searched by 26% of U.S. Amazon users. 

Amazon’s growing impact on e-commerce and the future of shopping creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers throughout their customer journeys, which is why Kenshoo recently launched E-Commerce Marketing.

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“We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Kenshoo E-Commerce Marketing starting with Amazon,” says Oren Stern, Kenshoo's e-commerce general manager, in a statement. “Brands can now create, manage and optimize product-driven Amazon campaigns in Kenshoo—alongside Kenshoo’s social and search solutions.”