63% would shop more if offered preferred shopping method

Online shopper
More than half, 59%, of consumers expect mobile payments to be ubiquitous in two years.

Consumers are apt to shop more overall when they are able to use their preferred shopping method. According to new research from Adyen, a payments technology company, 63% of respondents said they would shop more in stores and online if a preferred shopping method was implemented. 

“With all the talk that e-commerce is undermining brick-and-mortar retail, we were surprised to see how many consumers responded that they genuinely enjoy shopping in-store,” Dave Pedersen, senior PR manager at Adyen, told FierceRetail. “E-commerce accounts for less than 10% of all retail sales, so it’s imperative retailers focus on improving the in-store experience, rather than shift everything online.

Why do consumers still prefer to shop in stores? According to 86% of respondents, people want to manage exchanges or returns of items purchased digitally. And 60% of consumers cite wanting to see, touch or sample an item as a top reason to go into a store. Moreover, 33% of consumers enjoy shopping as a social activity. 

Still, consumers want an omnichannel experience. In fact, 78% said they want to buy or reserve online before going into a store, 69% want to browse themselves in stores, and 54% want loyalty program information automatically tied to their credit card. 

“Retailers need to implement unified commerce strategies that embrace the best parts of online and in-store shopping,” Pedersen said. 

The experience for a consumer can make or break sales. For example, 79% of respondents have left a store due to long lines and 73% of sales are lost when a line is abandoned. 

According to the study, consumers are ready for the technology of the future. More than half, 59%, of consumers expect mobile payments to be ubiquitous in two years and 53% see AR/VR showrooming as the norm within five years. Another 34% would like the ability to just walk out of a store with an item and be automatically charged within the next year. 

“Shoppers everywhere are expecting more convenience and personalization, and retailers who can provide a great, connected experience across all platforms (in-store, mobile and online) will win out in the long run. Shoppers want to be able to buy online and return in-store without skipping a beat, as our survey results showed that 4 out of 5 shoppers will leave a store if lines are too long,” Pedersen added.