60% of shoppers have never tried BOPIS

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BOPIS is still a largely untapped opportunity for retailers and a great incentive to get online shoppers into stores.

Nearly 60% of shoppers have never used buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), according to a recent study by ChargeItSpot. Interviewing shoppers in 20 malls across the country, ChargeItSpot found that BOPIS is still a largely untapped opportunity for retailers and a great incentive to get online shoppers into stores.

"Retailers can more effectively increase their sales, better manage consumer fulfillment by merging online and in-store inventory, and offer their customers a more fluid, multichannel shopping experience," said Douglas Baldasare, CEO and founder of ChargeItSpot. 

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Shoppers between the ages of 35 and 49 used BOPIS the most, 49%, followed by millennials, 42%, and shoppers ages 50 to 65, 39%. 

Of the 40% of shoppers who have used BOPIS, 75% have purchased something else while in the store. Those shoppers ages 50 to 65 were the most likely to make an additional purchase, at 79%. Of the second-largest age group, shoppers 18 to 34, 75% have made additional purchases after using BOPIS, compared to 63% of shoppers ages 35 to 49. 

"I was surprised that baby boomers are the most likely to make an impulse purchase when using BOPIS. Most people think of millennials as the more impulsive generation—and retailers work hard to cater to millennials —but baby boomers are the age group with the most disposable income and they are not to be forgotten," Baldasare told FierceRetail. 


Baldasare says that BOPIS does what retailers are trying to do organically: get shoppers into the brick-and-mortar store. However, he does note that that BOPIS can be a challenge for retailers when it comes to inventory management. For many, launching BOPIS requires the development of completely new systems to ensure that products are available when shoppers go to pick them up. 

"The last thing that a retailer wants is for customers to be unsatisfied because their orders are not being filled," he said. 

For that reason, some retailers are slow to adopt BOPIS because it requires such a strong online and brick-and-mortar presence. Baldasare says that in order for companies to successfully scale a BOPIS service, they need enough website traffic for customers to place orders and enough store locations to make pickup convenient.