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Latest Headlines

Walmart issues 'Open Call' for innovation

Walmart has issued an "Open Call" for technology innovation as the retailer continues to seek out solutions across all channels of retail.

eBay Enterprise now Radial

EBay Enterprise has merged with Innotrac to create a new type of enterprise as an omnichannel commerce technology and solutions provider called Radial.

Target's West Stringfellow dishes on tech strategy

Target has been at the forefront of retail technology, rolling out new mobile initiatives and cultivating a culture of innovation with incubators in both Silicon Valley and Minneapolis. One year after joining the company, the head of Target's top-secret Goldfish project opens up about good and the bad of working at Target. 

42% of retailers are not EMV-compliant

The October 2015 deadline to implement EMV payment technology has long passed, but still 42 percent of retailers have not updated their systems in spite of the increased risk of liability.

Nordstrom names Amazon vet new CTO

Nordstrom announced that Kumar Srinivasan has joined the company as chief technology officer as the retailer seeks to streamline its technology agenda and increase efficiencies.

Target CIO: It's still early days for mobile

Target's chief information officer Mike McNamara attended the Forbes CIO Summit last week and highlighted some of the biggest challenges businesses are facing in terms of technology, including the rise of mobile and shift to cloud computing.

Target's secret Goldfish project

Target is looking for engineers and product managers in its Sunnyvale, California office for a top-secret tech project called "Goldfish." 

Nordstrom restructures tech team

Nordstrom has laid off 10 people in its technology department in a restructuring that is part of the company's planned spending cuts after a series of disappointing quarters.

Walmart, Sears cut staff

Big retailers are reducing staff at headquarters along with store closures in the face of poor financial performance.

Analytics a top spending priority in 2016

Analytics tools and applications are a  top spending priority  for retailers this year, according to a new report.  Many planning tools currently in use are outdated and unable to support the kind of data analysis needed to make solid planning decisions. Improving analytics is the top planning priority for 58 percent of retailers.