Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Twitter backs away from commerce

Twitter is backing away from social commerce development and has dissolved its commerce group and ceased development of a buy button.

Fovo has a new way for women to shop: by shape, not size

There's a revolution afoot in women's apparel, one that embraces women of all sizes. More than a few retailers are catering to this trend and one startup, Fovo, is letting women shop by shape rather than size.

Canada Goose to open first stores

Arctic apparel brand Canada Goose is expanding into physical retail with its first stand-alone stores in Canada and New York City.

Amazon to expand Fresh to new markets

Amazon plans to expand its Fresh grocery delivery service to new markets including Boston and the U.K., according to Recode.

Regional grocers hop on delivery platform

Regional grocers in three states are now offering online ordering, in-store pickup and delivery through a third-party e-commerce site.

Online 'basket bandits' an ongoing threat to traditional supermarkets

Online marketplaces and retailers such as Amazon are an ongoing threat to traditional brick-and-mortar supermarkets. These "basket bandits" capture some of the supermarket business, creating a loss of sales, according to a recent report from Brick Meets Click.

Tech Spotlight: eBay opens virtual reality department store

EBay is betting big on virtual reality, and on Wednesday opened what it is calling the world's first virtual reality department store.

The RealReal expands storefronts

The RealReal has opened its fourth location as the online luxury consignment business continues to expand in the physical space.

Bonobos' Andy Dunn on building an enduring brand

LAS VEGAS – If there was a theme running through Shoptalk's inaugural conference, it was that stores matter, even in this digital age. It was a point driven home by Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of Bonobos, during one of the final sessions Wednesday.

Target digital sales up 23%, overall sales 1%

Target reported that comparable digital sales increased 23 percent in the first quarter, on top of a 38 percent growth in the first quarter last year. In addition, the big box chain's signature categories – style, baby, kids and wellness – grew more than three times as fast as the company average.