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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Retailers top target for cyber crime

Retailers are now the top target for cybercriminals as the focus shifts from financial markets and institutions. Retailers experienced nearly three times as many cyberattacks as those in the finance sector, last year's top target, according to the NTT 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

42% of retailers are not EMV-compliant

The October 2015 deadline to implement EMV payment technology has long passed, but still 42 percent of retailers have not updated their systems in spite of the increased risk of liability.

35% of shoppers stopped by privacy concerns

Two years after Target's infamous data breach, shoppers' buying decisions are still being impacted as more than 35 percent decided not to buy from a company based on privacy concerns.

Shopper loyalty threatened by data breaches

U.S. shoppers are likely to change their shopping habits if their favorite retailer experienced a data breach, according to a new report by Vormetric and Wakefield.

Target settles lawsuit for $39 million

Target has settled a class-action lawsuit stemming from the 2013 data breach, agreeing to pay $39 million to cover the costs incurred by banks and other credit card issuers.

Suspected POS data breach at Trump, Hilton hotels

A suspected data breach of point-of-sale systems at Hilton Hotels properties and franchised locations is being investigated. The Trump Hotel Collection also confirmed that IT security has been compromised at seven of its properties.

Target to hire 1,000 for IT, reduce outsourcing

Target has a new plan to boost its technology capabilities. To reduce reliance on outsourcing, the retailer is hiring 1,000 people for IT, including 500 software engineers.

Don't let EMV be a missed opportunity

Hackers are increasingly attacking third party partners, like point-of-sale (POS) resellers, to break into retailers' systems through weak remote access controls—in fact, this, along with weak passwords, contributed to 94 percent of POS breaches investigated by Trustwave in 2014. 

Judge grants class action suit in Target breach

A U.S. judge has certified a class action lawsuit against Target for its massive 2013 data breach. Ruled in a Minnesota court, the judge said the banks could work together to pursue claims over the breach, which compromised at least 40 million credit cards. A target spokesperson called the decision "disappointing" and said the retailer would review next steps. Target will most likely settle with the banks due to the ruling.

Target, MasterCard near new settlement of 2013 data breach

Target is hoping to soon close the books on its costly 2013 data breach by negotiating a second settlement with MasterCard, similar to the deal reached with Visa this month.