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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

UPS expands access point to reduce delivery stops

UPS will expand its My Choice and Access Point networks, two services that provide online shoppers additional options for parcel pickup. The expansion will also require fewer delivery stops by drivers.

UPS' holiday plan is better than last year's plan

UPS has a plan to increase capacity, speed process and complete deliveries in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

The next gen supply chain will separate retail's winners and losers

As consumers gain power, not only do they start shopping in more complex ways, they expect retailers to be able to fulfill their increasingly complex demands quickly–and without issue. As a result, the next generation supply chain is truly "the next big thing" for retail.

Zara's new tagging system expedites replenishment

Zara introduced a new tagging system that will speed up the process of getting apparel into stores and out to shoppers.

Retail supply chains not ready for omnichannel

While omnichannel retail is the biggest growth area for retailers, the majority of retail CEOs are focused on traditional growth areas. Eighty-three percent of global retail CEOs believe that their retail supply chains are currently "not optimal" for today's changing retail environment, according to a recent study conducted by PwC for JDA Software. At the same time, only 34 percent of CEOs consider the rise of omnichannel shopping to be an external threat, while only 22 percent said it will have a direct impact on their organization, according to the survey of 400 global retail CEOs. "The rise of omnichannel is one of the most transformational shifts that has occurred in retail in recent times," said Baljit Dail, chairman of the board and interim CEO, JDA Software, in a statement. "Retailers who don't understand the strategic alignment of their supply chain with consumer expectations are in danger of becoming non-competitive."

Walmart opens e-commerce facility

Walmart plans to open a 1.2 million sq. ft. e-commerce fulfillment facility in Plainfield, Indiana. The center, in the AllPoints Midwest Industrial Park, is expected to create around 300 jobs by 2016.

Sears names new supply chain president

Sears Holdings is seeking to grow e-commerce and in-store sales by bolstering supply chain and fulfillment.

Dark stores offer online fulfillment solution

U.S. retailers looking to use stores for online order fulfillment could have a new role model from across the pond. Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury in the U.K. have been using "dark stores" to fill up to 4,000 online orders a day.

Apple, McDonald's, Amazon top supply chain rankings

Apple is tops when it comes to supply chain performance, according to a new report by Gartner.

Amazon adding 10,000 robots to warehouses

Amazon has long been a fulfillment story rather than a retail one, but it's the consumer-facing side of its business that gets the bulk of attention. Not so much lately, as the spotlight turns to expanded delivery and automated fulfillment, now with robots.