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Latest Headlines

Walmart ups vendor fees

Walmart will begin charging vendors fees for stocking their items in new stores and for warehousing. The mandate is the latest move from the big-box retailer in an effort to balance out higher costs from employee wage hikes.

In supply chain tech, retailers must change or become obsolete

Change or become obsolete. Those are the only two choices facing retailers as the result of rapid and extensive technological advances affecting everything from the supply chain to shopper purchasing behavior.

Amazon eyes Uber-like delivery service

Amazon could soon launch a crowdsourced delivery solution that like Uber, uses a mobile app to access a network of regular people to use personal vehicles. Instead of acting as taxies, drivers would drop off packages.

Walmart: Digital innovation is priority No. 1

BENTONVILLE, Ark.—Walmart may have a store base of nearly 4,400 strong, but the focus for all divisions is integrating that store base with online operations and using brick-and-mortar stores to support digital.  

Kroger expanding facilities in suburbs of Cincinnati

Kroger is expanding with a new distribution center and other support facilities in Blue Ash, a suburb of Cincinnati, where its headquarters is located. The nation's second-largest retailer plans to spend $46 million over the next five years on a 375,000-sq.-ft. warehouse, and to sublease space for human resources recruiting, a pharmacy call center, and an expanded space for its digital innovation team. Part of the money will come from a 10-year job creation tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. Kroger bought the Blue Ash distribution center from SpartanNash in April.

Amazon, Target, VF, Saks join with Auburn to open RFID Lab

Auburn University opened its new RFID Lab last week, with Amazon announcing a joint project and Target, VF and Saks Fifth Avenue as partners.

Walmart to challenge Amazon Prime with $50 shipping service

Walmart will begin testing a frontal assault on Amazon Prime this summer, offering unlimited free shipping at a rate equivalent to half of Amazon's $99 annual price.  

Target to roll out RFID price tags this year

In one of the largest RFID projects undertaken in retail yet, Target will roll out the radio frequency identification technology later this year for pricing and inventory control.  

Retailers lose $1.75 trillion to 'ghost economy' of inventory distortion

Poor inventory processes and lack of systems integration causing overstocks, out-of-stocks and needless returns are to primarily blame for $1.75 trillion in retailer losses worldwide. Personnel issues are the third component of the inefficiencies.

Profits elusive in omnichannel retailing

Retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are spending great sums of money, energy and time on their omnichannel sales operations, but only 16 percent of companies said they can fulfill omnichannel demand profitably.