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Latest Headlines

Amazon, Target, VF, Saks join with Auburn to open RFID Lab

Auburn University opened its new RFID Lab last week, with Amazon announcing a joint project and Target, VF and Saks Fifth Avenue as partners.

Walmart to challenge Amazon Prime with $50 shipping service

Walmart will begin testing a frontal assault on Amazon Prime this summer, offering unlimited free shipping at a rate equivalent to half of Amazon's $99 annual price.  

Target to roll out RFID price tags this year

In one of the largest RFID projects undertaken in retail yet, Target will roll out the radio frequency identification technology later this year for pricing and inventory control.  

Retailers lose $1.75 trillion to 'ghost economy' of inventory distortion

Poor inventory processes and lack of systems integration causing overstocks, out-of-stocks and needless returns are to primarily blame for $1.75 trillion in retailer losses worldwide. Personnel issues are the third component of the inefficiencies.

Profits elusive in omnichannel retailing

Retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are spending great sums of money, energy and time on their omnichannel sales operations, but only 16 percent of companies said they can fulfill omnichannel demand profitably.

Study cites 3 keys to updating supply chain for omnichannel success

Getting goods from point A to point B in an omnichannel environment has become a daunting challenge for retailers. They recognize the complexity and are investing to keep pace, but most still rely on outdated tools and ineffective processes to manage the end-to-end value chain.

West Coast port dispute tentatively over, challenges remain

The labor dispute involving West Coast dockworkers that stalled international trade at 29 ports that handle an estimated $1 trillion in cargo annually was tentatively resolved with a new five-year contract proposed on Friday, but many challenges remain.

E-commerce shipments give US Postal Service new life

It's not dead yet. The U.S. Postal Service may have been written off by the Internet, but e-commerce gave the government agency new life during the holiday season. 

3D printing poised to transform retail, in-store and online

For years 3D printing has largely been a novelty, a niche experiment for churning out cheap plastic toys. But as 2015 kicks off, 3D printing looks to be on the rise and how retailers react to the way it changes their industry could define whether it's a blessing or a curse.

Amazon introduces robots to fill holiday orders

Amazon has introduced robots from Kiva Systems, machines that work in fulfillment centers, moving around the warehouse floors. The robots are helping Amazon to more quickly fill holiday orders.