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Latest Headlines

Aerosoles pledges to smash inventory silos by 2015

Footwear brand and retailer Aerosoles has been operating as an omnichannel retailer for nearly a decade, but streamling inventory is still a work in progress. And now, Aerosoles has pledged to create a single streamlined inventory program by housing all inventory functions in a single group by 2015.

Walmart showcases 'truck of the future'

Walmart showcased a futuristic truck with new energy efficient features as the retailer drives toward meeting sustainability objectives.

Amazon Prime price hike could ease supply chain pressure

Amazon looks to be revamping its delivery system, possibly funding it with higher Amazon Prime membership fees. The initiative could ease supply chain pressure and help eliminate shipping delays heading into the holiday season. Amazon is focused on its top 40 markets, or roughly half the U.S. population, and building out a private delivery fleet, according  DC Velocity. The effort is meant to support the growing Amazon Fresh online grocery service and alleviate the clogged shipping schedules as holiday online shopping grows.

RILA's Lisa LaBruno talks supply chain

The Retail Industry Leader's Association's (RILA) annual Retail Supply Chain Conference was a four-day gathering of the industry's top executives in supply chain and logistics, held February 23-26 in San Diego.  FierceRetailIT  caught up with the association's Lisa LaBruno, senior VP of retail operations, to discuss some key takeaways from the event, how supply chain feeds omnichannel efforts and what's next for the association.

eBay Enterprise Introduces Ship-From-Store Solution

eBay Enterprise has launched a Ship-from-Store SaaS solution that turns physical retail locations into virtual distribution centers.  

Amazon Files Patent for 'Anticipatory' Shipping

Amazon filed a patent for "anticipatory package shipping," a system that predicts what a customer will buy and sends items to the closest warehouse near that shopper's shipping address. The goal of the system is to send items to shipping hubs in areas where it believes they will sell well, which leads to shorter delivery times.

Holiday Desktop Sales Soar; M-Commerce is the Future

While desktop computer purchases accounted for the majority of e-commerce purchases this holiday season, the growth of m-commerce during the season was undeniable. In fact, annual m-commerce sales are expected to reach $707 billion by 2018, representing 30 percent of all e-commerce, according to a new report. The projected growth of the market is not surprising to those of us following m-commerce's developments in the past year alone. 

Hot New CES Technologies That Will Impact Retail

While many of the nouveau creations presented at the world's largest consumer electronics show seem unrealistic, some of them help shape how consumers use technology for years to come. In fact, some of this year's introductions will help facilitate m-commerce and e-commerce sales in the near future. 

Should Amazon Take Over its Delivery?

After United Parcel Service’s delivery fiasco over Christmas, reporters are speculating that Amazon may fire the delivery service in the future. A portion of online shoppers across the U.S. said their packages were not delivered by Christmas, even though they ordered their gifts by the dates that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), (NYSE: WMT), and other retailers said they needed to order by to have them shipped in time. Some retailers promised Christmas delivery for shoppers who ordered as late as 11 p.m. on December 23.

Overstock, Other Retailers Accept Bitcoin

In the latest show of support for Bitcoin, (NASDAQ: OSTK) said in late December that it would start accepting bitcoins for payment in June. And some small brick-and-mortar retailers across the U.S. are already accepting the digital currency., the largest retailer to throw its weight behind Bitcoin, is reviewing several third-party firms that facilitate Bitcoin transactions, The New York Times reported. In a commodity system fraught with fraud and ever-changing value, we are surprised to see major retailers jumping on board with bitcoins. Bitcoins can be purchased and exchanged for standard currency, such as dollars, Euros and yen, at bitcoin exchanges. In mid-November, the value of Bitcoins jumped to $900.98 for a single bitcoin and then the value fell just as quickly as it rose.