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Latest Headlines

Reverse retailing brings store traffic, online sales, cyber attacks

As more merchants master the art of omnichannel retailing, they benefit from a new phenomenon called 'reverse retailing,' or intentional showrooming. However, this has led to an increase in online security problems.

Is CVS-Target pharmacy deal a potential privacy 'train wreck'?

The acquisition of 1,660 Target pharmacies this month by CVS raises significant data security questions, privacy issues and possible HIPAA conflicts.

POS crime pays, bad guys get 1,425% ROI

For some, crime does pay—at least for now. Point-of-sale hackers reap an estimated 1,425 percent return on investment for their exploit kit and ransomware schemes.

Fred's is latest chain to investigate possible security breach

The latest sizable chain to report a potential credit card breach is Fred's, a general merchandise discounter with about 650 stores and 300 pharmacies in 15 states.

Eataly reports possible POS hack

Eataly's retail location in New York City has reported a possible data breach in its POS system. The company's website warns consumers of the potential security incident, urging consumers who purchased items between Jan. 16 and April 2 at the New York City location to immediately check their bank accounts. "Based upon an extensive forensic investigation, it appears that criminals unscrupulously hacked our network system and installed a malware designed to capture payment card transaction data," according to a company statement. An investigation was officially launched after several Eataly employees, who also made purchases at the store, found fraudulent charges on their credit cards,  PYMNTS  reported. The malware has now been removed and security measures are in place.

Apple CEO blasts tech companies, feds in defense of privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook fired a shot across the bow of other major technology companies that profit from data collected from their users as he defended of consumer privacy and encryption.

EMV is $35B 'money pit' for retailers

Most retailers will never recover the expenses involved in transitioning to the EMV chip card. The estimated cost of $35 billion creates an unrealistic burden on retailers and confusion for customers.

Applying lessons learned from EMV-mature markets

There is good news coming for U.S. retailers in the fight against counterfeit payment card fraud. EMV chip technology is heading to U.S. markets. While this technology implemented in European and Canadian markets drastically reduces face-to-face fraud, it's important to note that is not a cure-all.

Where have all the hackers gone?

It's been awhile since the last major data breach, which makes one wonder, have the hackers moved on from retail or is this a calm before another storm? Probably both and neither.

PCI June 30 compliance deadline looms; big fines possible for retailers

While many retailers are under the gun for the EMV liability shift deadline in October, there's an earlier cutoff on June 30 that may be just as important to meet: five mandatory changes in compliance for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.0.