Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity bill takes big step forward in Congress

The House of Representatives is expected to pass a bill that would encourage private companies to share access to their computer data with federal investigators.

Retailers adopt proven strategies to curb POS breaches

Security breaches at the point-of-sale don't just impact business operations and customer loyalty, they strike an expensive and damaging blow to an retailer's bottom line.  

The importance of pushing back the EMV fraud liability shift deadline

As the payment wars between retailers and credit card issuers rage on, both sides would be well served if the EMV October fraud liability shift deadline were pushed back, because neither group is fully prepared to meet it. The dispute has been brewing for months and stems in no small part from the long and bloody conflict over card interchange fees. There's no love lost between retailers and their banking partners.

Finance pros choose chip-and-PIN in fight against fraud

A survey found that 92 percent of finance professionals believe strongly that chip-and-PIN EMV cards, as opposed to chip-and-signature, will effectively reduce point-of-sale fraud. 

E-commerce fraud increase looms after EMV switch

With the October deadline for the EMV fraud liability shift from issuers to retailers fast approaching, merchants and financial institutions are focused on making the change happen as soon as possible. However, this does not take into account a potential increase in e-commerce fraud.

Retail threats surged during 'the year of the POS breach'

While the economy recovered and retailers grew more optimistic, 2014 was "the year of the POS breach," with many highly publicized attacks compromising millions of personal records. As a result, some of the largest and most popular retail brands were severely damaged.

RadioShack puts customer data sale on hold

Following U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval of the sale of RadioShack's assets to hedge fund Standard General, the possible sale of the retailer's customer data has been tabled, said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In a last-minute deal, Standard General agreed not to purchase the data.

Retailers partner with bankers to share cybersecurity information

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center has launched an intelligence sharing portal under its Retail Information Sharing Analysis Center. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis...

RadioShack aims to sell customer data, breach privacy policy

Cellphones, batteries and connecting cables aren't the only things up for grabs as RadioShack's going-out-of-business sale winds down. The company also has millions of customer names and emails at its disposable, and, with that information, a sizeable amount of potentially valuable consumer data. 

PoSeidon malware dives deep into POS, Cisco warns

Cisco Systems is warning of a new breed of malware technology, nicknamed PoSeidon, that targets point-of-sale systems. This is bad news for retailers that are still reeling from the many data breaches of recent history, such as those that hit Target, Home Depot, Staples and Supervalu.