Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Kmart confirms data breach

Kmart is the latest retailer to report a breach in its payment data systems. The company announced the launch of a full investigation in partnership with a leading IT security firm to learn more details of the malware hack.

Amazon workers sue over theft screenings

With all the concern about retail theft–especially insider theft–it is surprising that Amazon employees are raising a fuss over routine theft screenings.

Inside the $400,000 Saks theft ring

Insidious details emerged earlier this week about a group of thieves that made $400,000 worth of fraudulent purchases at a Saks Fifth Avenue store.

What's in store after Supervalu breach?

The latest retail security breach–hitting grocery retailer and wholesaler Supervalu for the second time this year–targeted its point-of-sale (POS) systems. However, security experts warn that retailers need to be prepared for other types of attacks.

Retail is most compromised industry

After the massive data breaches that have plagued retailers from Target to Home Depot in recent years, a new study shows that retail is the most compromised industry in terms of data security.

Home Depot may have left data vulnerable

In the wake of Home Depot's recent data breach, fingers are pointing and accusations flying that the retailer had known for years its systems were vulnerable to hackers.

Home Depot and Target hacks the work of different groups

There's new information to suggest that the groups behind the Home Depot and Target data breaches were not the same.

Eskimo malware exploits Amazon's Twitch user accounts

Twitch, Amazon's new $1 billion acquisition geared toward giving the company a way into the user-generated video content market, has been on the receiving end of a slew of recent malware attacks, and they're not designed to steal credit card information.

Home Depot confirms data breach

The Home Depot confirmed that its payment data systems have been breached, which could potentially impact customers using cards in its U.S. and Canadian stores. The retailer reports no evidence of the breach affecting customers who shopped in Mexico or online.

Home Depot investigating massive data breach

Home Depot has confirmed it is investigating some "unusual activity" related to a data breach, making the home improvement retailer the latest potential victim of cyber criminals.