Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Suspected POS data breach at Trump, Hilton hotels

A suspected data breach of point-of-sale systems at Hilton Hotels properties and franchised locations is being investigated. The Trump Hotel Collection also confirmed that IT security has been compromised at seven of its properties.

Target to hire 1,000 for IT, reduce outsourcing

Target has a new plan to boost its technology capabilities. To reduce reliance on outsourcing, the retailer is hiring 1,000 people for IT, including 500 software engineers.

Don't let EMV be a missed opportunity

Hackers are increasingly attacking third party partners, like point-of-sale (POS) resellers, to break into retailers' systems through weak remote access controls—in fact, this, along with weak passwords, contributed to 94 percent of POS breaches investigated by Trustwave in 2014. 

48% of retailers have been breached; POS weakest link

With 48 percent of U.S. retailers having suffered cyberbreaches, the point-of-sale system is typically the Achilles Heel of security.

Dairy Queen protects franchisees with new firewall solution

With a new firewall solution, Dairy Queen is strengthening network security and Payment Card Industry compliance to better protect customer data.

Target, MasterCard near new settlement of 2013 data breach

Target is hoping to soon close the books on its costly 2013 data breach by negotiating a second settlement with MasterCard, similar to the deal reached with Visa this month.

Target reaches $67M settlement deal with Visa

Target has reached an agreement with Visa that will reimburse card issuers up to $67 million for costs incurred by the retailer's data breach during the 2013 holiday season. The deal covers credit cards and debit cards issued by financial institutions under the Visa brand. It took months of negotiations, and the specific dollar amount of the deal has not yet been disclosed,  The Wall Street Journal  reported. 

Target ready for EMV, educating customers

Target is ready for the EMV chip card transition, and will use chip-and-PIN authentication on its store-brand REDcards, according to the company's A Bullseye View blog. 

Overcoming Cyber Attacks Infographic, Avecto


Survival tips for retailers that miss EMV deadline

Many retailers are going to miss the EMV fraud liability shift deadline in October. While this is not the end of the world, retailers need to continue to work at transitioning to EMV while making sure other security bases are covered.