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Latest Headlines

What retailers can learn from Sony data breach

The computer hack of Sony internal data and emails has suddenly become, well, terrifying, The group, Guardians of Peace, which took credit for hacking the entertainment giant's internal data – and released a lot of it – in late November now  says it is planning an attack on movie theaters that are showing the new movie, "The Interview".

Consumers say card breaches common

Consumers are suffering from "breach fatigue", since many retailers have been the target of card and data breaches in the last year. While the massive Target breach has been the most publicized, Home Depot, Kmart, SuperValu and a host of other retailers have also been targeted.

Charge Anywhere reports data breach

Another data breach affecting shoppers' payment cards has been detected, but this time it's not a retailer but mobile payment platform Charge Anywhere.

Target found negligent in data breach

It's been one year since Target's data breach disrupted the retailer's holiday season, and now a Minnesota District Court has found Target negligent, paving the way for lawsuits as banks and financial institutions potentially seek compensation.

Malware: The best defense is a good offense

Malware has been the culprit behind many high profile retail breaches over the last year. Media stories have incorrectly blamed vulnerabilities in point-of-sale (POS) devices. The real security holes have been on back-office PCs attached to payment systems. These devices were susceptible to malware insertion due to out-of-date software, infrequent patching, and reliance on anti-virus programs with out-of-date signature files. You recognize the signs? The good news is that these breaches are preventable.

Possible Bebe data breach

Several financial institutions have reported that hackers have stolen credit and debit card information from Bebe.

FBI issues malware alert

The FBI has issued an alert warning U.S. businesses of a destructive "wiper" malware attack following the security breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The malware overrides all data on hard drives including the master boot record.

Asset management critical to IT security

It's been a year since Target's data breach and retailers are still vulnerable even as the busiest shopping season kicks into high gear, warns security experts largely due to a lack of focus on asset management.

DSW's loss prevention program reduces costs and recidivism

DSW Inc. is incorporating the CEC Restorative Justice Education solution into its Loss Prevention program to handle and reduce petty thefts.

Shoppers don't feel safe, demand to be compensated for security breaches

Online shopping may see the biggest rise this year, but many consumers still do not feel safe, and many are staying away from retail websites as a result.