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Latest Headlines

RFID use reaching 'tipping point'

RFID is gaining traction with retailers and manufacturers, nearing an adoption and usage "tipping point," according to a recent study from GS1 US.

Is RFID our best bad idea for in-store fulfillment?

The role of the store is changing in the new omnichannel order, but the technology needed to fuel it is still underutilized. Case in point, RFID and in-store fulfillment for online orders.

Retail's BIG Show: Macy's Has Mastered Inventory And You Can, Too

On average, retailers are only displaying about 80 percent of their store's merchandise on the showroom floor. That means at least 20 percent of a store's goods can't be sold because they can't be seen.

JCPenney's Johnson Out, Ullman Back—What Now?

  What happens next at JCPenney (NYSE:JCP), after the 1,100-store chain fired CEO Ron Johnson on Monday (April 8) and replaced him with the CEO that Johnson replaced, Mike Ullman? The retailer isn't saying. But many of the internal changes Johnson instituted at JCPenney are effectively irreversible, including remodeling all the chain's stores and replacing much of the chain's IT capability. That money is already spent.

JCPenney Adds Merged Channel Twist, Including Wake-Up Calls

A Web-generated wake-up phone call to get customers to in-store early morning sales may not have a material impact on quarterly sales, but it's a creative touch for the E-Commerce site JCPenney relaunched right before Black Friday (Nov. 28). Even if the system's in-store inventory update is designed to not be quite accurate. It's almost unfair to even label it E-Commerce, because the site is equally focused on helping in-store sales. The in-store features—such as tracking in-store inventory on the site and allowing in-store POS units to access online-only products—aren't new to the space, but JCPenney has added some nice touches.