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Latest Headlines

Demand for data may signal twilight for barcodes

The end of the barcode may be approaching. Because of the increasing demand for information about products, the 41-year-old technology is due for replacement.

IoT sensors can predict human behavior in supply chain

An influx of sensors relating to Internet of Things technology is generating a growing volume of data to feed the predictive supply chain, and informs not only operational decisions, but also helps analyze the behavioral patterns of workers.

Peltz Shoes finds RFID for inventory not worth the cost

Describing radio frequency identification labels as a "learning tool," Peltz Shoes has stopped using the technology, primarily because of high costs related to the passive tags, and changed to a barcode system.

RFID enables retailers to control inventory of complex categories

Item-level radio frequency identification tags used for inventory control can deliver significant revenue uplift and double-digit return on investment depending on the category in which they are used.

RFID resurgence boosts inventory accuracy

An old technology is solving the vexing problem of inventory management in omnichannel environments: radio frequency identification. The result is big market growth for RFID and a big ROI for retailers implementing it (photo courtesy of GS1).

RFID gets renewed attention with spotlight on IoT

An old killer app rides again. Radio frequency identification will become a key component of the Internet of Things because it bridges the physical and digital worlds, enabling the identification of objects and linking them to the internet.  

Amazon, Target, VF, Saks join with Auburn to open RFID Lab

Auburn University opened its new RFID Lab last week, with Amazon announcing a joint project and Target, VF and Saks Fifth Avenue as partners.

Target to roll out RFID price tags this year

In one of the largest RFID projects undertaken in retail yet, Target will roll out the radio frequency identification technology later this year for pricing and inventory control.  

CIOs embrace cloud, mobile to transform stores

The explosive growth of digital technology is compelling retail CIOs to embrace mobile and cloud mediums. Most retailers operate about 60 percent of their systems in the cloud, and others hope to increase that figure to 90 percent soon.

RFID use reaching 'tipping point'

RFID is gaining traction with retailers and manufacturers, nearing an adoption and usage "tipping point," according to a recent study from GS1 US.