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Latest Headlines

Court declines to review swipe fee ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has turned down a petition to review an appellate court ruling on whether the Federal Reserve set a 2011 cap on debit card swipe fees higher than the level sought by Congress in legislation passed the year before.

CES: Personal security concerns spur new credit card products

Security is moving from the realm of the enterprise to the individual as personal security takes a prominent position at the 2015 International CES.

Why thousands of retailers' POS terminals stopped working

On December 7, when thousands of retailers' credit card terminals suddenly stopped working, some wondered if they were the victim of a security breach. Fortunately, the mishap was instead blamed on the expiration of a cryptographic certificate used in older payment terminals made by Hypercom.

59% millennial shoppers influenced by financing options

More than half of Generation Y consumers, 59 percent, prefer to shop at retailers that offer financing options, according to a new study by NewComLink. The survey looked at more than 2,000 consumers between the ages of 18 and 34--whose annual spending power is estimated to be $200 billion.

New Seasons Market's scientific approach to improving the grocery experience

New Seasons Market has integrated a new software program meant to bring components of online commerce—including the ability to measure and personalize the store experience—to the offline world.

Apple Pay vs. CurrentC: the race is on

Apple Pay debuted this week to much fanfare, but it's not the only mobile payment platform in town. Competitor CurrentC is collecting retail partners and positioning itself as a formidable competitor, thanks in large part to its biggest partner: Walmart.

Apple Pay, Stripe, others threaten PayPal

After the eBay and PayPal split in 2015, industry observers believe PayPal is going to be even more vulnerable to competition from Apple Pay, Amazon, Stripe, Square and other mobile retail payment systems.

Apple Pay beats out Google Wallet

Apple's new Apple Pay is expected to give other mobile payment methods a run for their money and boost overall security of mobile payments, attracting more shoppers to the technology.

Walmart to offer GoBank checking

Walmart announced it will roll out GoBank checking accounts in all stores by the end of October. GoBank checking accounts, launched by Green Dot, are mobile banking platforms linked with MasterCard debit cards that do not charge overdraft fees, minimum balance fees or monthly fees.

Walmart says no to Apple Pay

Since Apple announced the launch of virtual payment platform Apple Pay Sept. 9, brands have already signed on to use it, but Walmart wasn't interested in the new payment platform.