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Latest Headlines

Android Pay may launch as early as this week

There are rumblings in the field that Google's Android Pay may launch much sooner than later—as early as Wednesday of this week (Aug. 26). This is a month in advance of the Sept. 28 arrival of Samsung Pay, which is expected to be Android Pay's biggest competitor in the Android mobile payments space.

Target ready for EMV, educating customers

Target is ready for the EMV chip card transition, and will use chip-and-PIN authentication on its store-brand REDcards, according to the company's A Bullseye View blog. 

Survival tips for retailers that miss EMV deadline

Many retailers are going to miss the EMV fraud liability shift deadline in October. While this is not the end of the world, retailers need to continue to work at transitioning to EMV while making sure other security bases are covered.

Samsung Pay to launch; CurrentC may wait till next year

Soon there will finally be an Android competitor to Apple Pay. Samsung Pay is set to launch in the U.S. next month. But another competitor, CurrentC, the retailer-backed payment system from Merchant Customer Exchange, may not reach the market until next year.

MCX exclusive ends, Rite Aid adds Apple Pay, Google Wallet

As exclusivity deals signed with Merchants Customer Exchange in 2012 about to expire, another major retailer has said it will accept other mobile payment methods. Drugstore chain Rite Aid will begin accepting Apple Pay and Google Wallet this week, and will later add Google's Android Pay.

EMV countdown: Only 10% of consumers have chip cards

As the October deadline approaches for the EMV chip card transition, 10 percent of American consumers have received the cards and only a small minority are using the cards they have.

How America Pays in 2015, Blackhawk Network


Cash is king, but 25% of smartphone owners use mobile wallets

While cash remains king at the point-of-sale, a variety of other digital payment methods are preferred by consumers, with 25 percent of all smartphone owners now using mobile wallets.

AmEx $79M card fee settlement nixed; $6B Visa-MC deal imperiled

Misbehavior by a lawyer representing merchants in the American Express multimillion dollar, class action suit over interchange fees has led to the judge to reject the $79 million settlement this week—imperiling a $6 billion settlement with MasterCard and Visa.

Everybody's talking 'payments'

Whether plastic chip cards or mobile apps or Bitcoins, the landscape for payments at retailers' point-of-sale—wherever it may be—is going to look vastly different in the near-term future. But it's not happening yet.