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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

EMV update: 75% of retailers to miss October deadline

New research is out that shows 75 percent of retailers will not be in compliance with EMV chip cards by the October liability shift deadline, which is now three months away. This percentage is higher than in previous studies and comes shortly after the publication of a white paper from the EMV Migration Forum explaining the liability shift.

Mobile devices replace POS terminals at checkout counters

Mobile point-of-sale systems are intended to roam free, meeting and checking out customers wherever they may be, but many merchants are anchoring the devices to the counter as a replacement for traditional POS terminals.

New payment technologies are DOA? Not so fast

Apple Pay is DOA. Samsung Pay is delayed. CurrentC won't even get that far. EMV has negative ROI. Those are just a few of the story lines of the past few weeks. All seem to ignore one important point: this is very new stuff.

Retailers slow to adopt Apple Pay; Samsung Pay delayed

In a year that was hyped for big growth of contactless payments systems, Apple Pay has been slow to gain traction and Samsung Pay will be delayed in getting off the starting block.

EMV is $35B 'money pit' for retailers

Most retailers will never recover the expenses involved in transitioning to the EMV chip card. The estimated cost of $35 billion creates an unrealistic burden on retailers and confusion for customers.

Data breaches worry retailers, but only 44% will be ready for EMV

A recent study suggests that 75 percent of independent retailers are worried about being victims of a security breach, while 44 percent of U.S. retailers will not be ready for the EMV liability switch deadline in October—and 5 percent of companies have already experienced a security breach.  

New credit card technologies offer biometrics, universality

Two new credit card technologies will soon be presented at retailers' point-of-sale systems. One offers more secure biometric activation, and the other combines all of a consumer's cards into one.  

PCI June 30 compliance deadline looms; big fines possible for retailers

While many retailers are under the gun for the EMV liability shift deadline in October, there's an earlier cutoff on June 30 that may be just as important to meet: five mandatory changes in compliance for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.0.  

Apple Pay expands in apparel; Google sets Android Pay launch

As another apparel retailer joined the ranks of stores accepting Apple Pay, Google is set to officially launch Android Pay this week at the company's annual I/O developer conference.

Tokenization no POS panacea; retailers need balanced security strategy

Payment security technology is top-of-mind for most retail IT executives who are seriously considering, if not aggressively adopting, EMV chip card systems, tokenization, Apple Pay and point-to-point encryption. All are important, but none are complete solutions in and of themselves.