Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

TGI Fridays revives QR codes in UK fast track system

Restaurant chain TGI Fridays has opened a tech-laden location in the U.K. and is using scannable QR codes to fast track customer payments.

How Google's smartwatches will boost retail sales

Google's new Android phone features and Android Wear smartwatches are expected to boost consumer shopping and restaurant visits.

Cutting through the hype: What every retail CIO needs to know about mobile

In retail, every so often, a tech topic comes along that just "plays" well. Unfortunately for retailers, the consumer's adoption of mobile technologies doesn't just play well – it's the real deal. And doubly bad, it's destroyed retailers' ability to take a back seat on technology.

Apple to employ iPhone 5s for new EasyPay POS system

Apple is introducing a new technology into its EasyPay POS system which will replace the current iPod touch and its card reader used in Apple retail stores.

Square kills Wallet for new Square Order app

Square is killing the Square Wallet app and has removed it from Apple and Google's app stores. Despite the growing mobile payments market, Square was unable to drive adoption of the program.

Apple is getting serious about mobile payments

Apple has hinted for years that it would enter the mobile payments field, but now the computer company appears to be getting serious.

Best Buy, 7-Eleven disable NFC

NFC took another hit this week as Best Buy and 7-Eleven began removing the capability to accept payments at POS terminals throughout their store network.

32% of merchants say mobile poses greater risk of fraud

The mobile channel now accounts for 20 percent of retailers' business, double that of last year. But it also poses greater risk of fraud and the need for new tools to combat that fraud.

Target launches Accelerator program in India

Target launched its Accelerator program in India Tuesday, as the retailer steps up efforts to build new technology solutions.

Visa and Mastercard's HCE announcement creates new mobile payments players

Visa and Mastercard are backing host card emulation (HCE), making it possible for credit card companies to bypass barriers to providing cloud-based mobile payments.