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Latest Headlines

Amazon pulls plug on Wallet

Amazon is discontinuing its fledgling mobile wallet program. The retailer began informing users via email today that it would shut down Wallet, which was still considered in beta.

Apple Pay grows- except for holiday shopping

While retailers and banks continue to jump on the Apple Pay bandwagon, consumers have not yet caught on – particularly for holiday shopping.

New payment app combines mobile wallet and POS

A new payment platform is promising to combine beacons and Apple Pay. The technology, from startup Pay with Drop is a beacon-driven mobile payments consumer app and POS solution that lets shoppers pay for items via the app from up to 200 feet away, then pick up purchases at a designated location.

Macy's rolls out visual search app

Macy's has unveiled a new app that allows customers to snap photos of outfits they like, upload them, and have the same items or something similar made available immediately for purchase.

Apple Pay pays off for retailers and rivals alike

In the few short weeks since Apple Pay's launch, the fledgling mobile payment platform has already left its mark, elevating mobile payments from a solution without a problem to one capable of jump-starting mobile wallet use.

MCX will not fine merchants for breaking exclusivity

The launch of Apple Pay has turned up the heat on the fledgling Merchant Customer Exchange's (MCX) mobile payment platform CurrentC.

Apple Pay vs. CurrentC is making a private industry matter public

The launch of Apple Pay this week has thrust mobile payments into the spotlight, illuminating not just the new payment platform and its promise, but also a competitive platform being developed by a group of merchants.

CVS, Rite Aid disconnect Apple Pay

Both CVS and Rite Aid drugstore chains ran into trouble trying to implement the new Apple Pay mobile payment system.

PayPal may lose mobile payments grip

While PayPal is one of the early success stories in mobile payments, the eBay, PayPal split, along with a new focus on Apple Pay, may loosen the payment processor's grip on mobile payments.

Walmart says no to Apple Pay

Since Apple announced the launch of virtual payment platform Apple Pay Sept. 9, brands have already signed on to use it, but Walmart wasn't interested in the new payment platform.