Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Amazon, Target, VF, Saks join with Auburn to open RFID Lab

Auburn University opened its new RFID Lab last week, with Amazon announcing a joint project and Target, VF and Saks Fifth Avenue as partners.

Cincinnati grocer uses IoT tech to reach shoppers in-store

An independent grocery store in Cincinnati may represent the "store of the future" with many new IoT technologies, including beacons, digital signage and kiosks. 

Trader Joe's testing Apple Pay; Alibaba talking to Apple

Trader Joe's may be the next major retailer to sign up for ApplePay, which, if expanded beyond a test, will add 400 retail locations to the contactless payment system's total.

Walmart, Amazon chase online market in China

Walmart and Amazon have launched cyber attacks in China with the purest of commercial motives. Walmart is unveiling a mobile shopping app while Amazon is increasing its imported item count from 80,000 to 1.6 million.  

Ikea banks on Internet of Things as basis for 'Concept Kitchen 2025'

Ikea is moving forward with plans to incorporate the Internet of Things into products that range from wireless smartphone chargers in nightstands to a highly connected "Concept Kitchen 2025."

Bed Bath and Beyond launches augmented reality for wedding registry app

Bed Bath and Beyond is using a universal scanner featuring augmented reality for its mobile app to enhance its annual wedding registry catalog called the  Howbook. The technology adds interactive product hotspots directly to the pages of the catalog and makes the app capable of scanning UPCs, QR codes and the product hotspots.

IoT, smartphones seen as diminishing checkstands' preeminence

With the Internet of Things and consumer smartphones, the preeminent role of the retail checkout lane may be greatly diminished. Many shoppers carry sophisticated smartphones capable of doing everything expected of a point-of-sale system signaling that the day of the handheld self-checkout device may have finally arrived.

Facebook sets IoT strategy

Facebook  is diving into the Internet of Things via Parse, a mobile infrastructure company it bought in 2013.

IoT update: Samsung targets B2B, FTC expands oversight

While the Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigative arm for consumer privacy protection in the Internet of Things, Samsung Electronics is focusing more on business applications.

Amazon buys provider of IoT services for business

In a move that will expand its capabilities in the Internet of Things for business uses, Amazon has acquired 2lemetry, a startup that has developed a platform to track and manage IP-enabled machines and other connected devices.