Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mobile, sensors, analytics transform in-store shopping

Smartphones and new digital solutions are key to integrating technology into the physical store. Advances in mobile devices, sensor-based technologies and data analytics will transform the shopping experience soon rather than later.

Mobile workforce technology solves contractor complaints for retailers

While more retailers are depending on third-party contractors to help them meet the needs of an omnichannel sales and service environment, many customers are dissatisfied with these workers, who might well be the merchants' most visible brand ambassadors. The solution to managing these contractors lies in technology.

Target makes big IoT statement with 'Open House' shop

Target has made a significant leap into the Internet of Things with unveiling its "Open House" showcase in San Francisco last week. "Smart" is the byword of this interconnected home of the future.  

Sears opens IoT showroom in Silicon Valley

Sears is opening a connected solutions flagship store in San Bruno, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. The showroom features a living room, kitchen, nursery, workout room, garage and outdoor area so shoppers can try IoT technology firsthand. Simultaneously, the retailer is expanding its selection of smart technology products in stores across the country.

Mobile devices replace POS terminals at checkout counters

Mobile point-of-sale systems are intended to roam free, meeting and checking out customers wherever they may be, but many merchants are anchoring the devices to the counter as a replacement for traditional POS terminals.

Retail digital signage to lead IoT growth of 19% this year

The market for products related to the Internet of Things will increase 19 percent in 2015, and one of the biggest growth areas will be digital signage in retail stores.  

RFID gets renewed attention with spotlight on IoT

An old killer app rides again. Radio frequency identification will become a key component of the Internet of Things because it bridges the physical and digital worlds, enabling the identification of objects and linking them to the internet.  

Amazon, Target, VF, Saks join with Auburn to open RFID Lab

Auburn University opened its new RFID Lab last week, with Amazon announcing a joint project and Target, VF and Saks Fifth Avenue as partners.

Cincinnati grocer uses IoT tech to reach shoppers in-store

An independent grocery store in Cincinnati may represent the "store of the future" with many new IoT technologies, including beacons, digital signage and kiosks. 

Trader Joe's testing Apple Pay; Alibaba talking to Apple

Trader Joe's may be the next major retailer to sign up for ApplePay, which, if expanded beyond a test, will add 400 retail locations to the contactless payment system's total.