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Latest Headlines

Apple Pay vs. CurrentC is making a private industry matter public

The launch of Apple Pay this week has thrust mobile payments into the spotlight, illuminating not just the new payment platform and its promise, but also a competitive platform being developed by a group of merchants.

CVS, Rite Aid disconnect Apple Pay

Both CVS and Rite Aid drugstore chains ran into trouble trying to implement the new Apple Pay mobile payment system.

PayPal may lose mobile payments grip

While PayPal is one of the early success stories in mobile payments, the eBay, PayPal split, along with a new focus on Apple Pay, may loosen the payment processor's grip on mobile payments.

Walmart says no to Apple Pay

Since Apple announced the launch of virtual payment platform Apple Pay Sept. 9, brands have already signed on to use it, but Walmart wasn't interested in the new payment platform.

Apple Pay puts NFC and security front and center

Apple introduced a series of new products including new iPhones and a wearable, but it's the long awaited mobile payment option, Apple Pay, that will tie together hardware, software and retail in an entirely new way.

CurrentC gives more retailers mobile wallet prospects

As mobile devices and digital currency play an ever-increasing role in retail, the Merchant Customer Exchange has unveiled a new mobile wallet called CurrentC, which already has the backing of big-box retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Apple could add NFC, new payment options

All eyes are on Apple as the company prepares to announce new products and services on Sept. 9. Expected is an iPhone 6, but Apple watchers anticipate the long-awaited wearable, new payment options and near-field communication technology.

TGI Fridays revives QR codes in UK fast track system

Restaurant chain TGI Fridays has opened a tech-laden location in the U.K. and is using scannable QR codes to fast track customer payments.

How Google's smartwatches will boost retail sales

Google's new Android phone features and Android Wear smartwatches are expected to boost consumer shopping and restaurant visits.

Cutting through the hype: What every retail CIO needs to know about mobile

In retail, every so often, a tech topic comes along that just "plays" well. Unfortunately for retailers, the consumer's adoption of mobile technologies doesn't just play well – it's the real deal. And doubly bad, it's destroyed retailers' ability to take a back seat on technology.