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Latest Headlines

The rise of the CSO

The large number of high-profile data breaches is forcing retail organizations to rethink everything from security to monitoring to the types of positions inside a company. There has been much discussion about retailers' need for a chief security officer, and more to the point, why many haven't had someone in this role.

Data collection a top challenge for retail marketers

Data collection and analyzation are among the top challenges for retail marketers today, further proving that IT functions are playing larger roles within retail organizations.

Kroger unveils RSI for the '21st century store'

Kroger has introduced a new enterprise IT architecture called Retail Site Intelligence (RSI), that essentially creates a "21st century store."

The problem with 'Big Data'

Big Data promises to pave the way to success for today's retail organizations, but there are big problems: technology is getting in the way.

40% of retailers say back-office technology hampering omnichannel efforts

Organizational, operational and technology challenges are hampering retailers' omnichannel efforts; 40 percent of retailers report they are having difficulty integrating back-office technology across all of their channels.

Target seeks to realign security and IT, seeks CISO

Target is looking to fill critical IT roles following the resignation of CIO Beth Jacob, as it seeks to overhaul security and IT in the wake of its massive data-breach.

John Lewis establishes tech incubator

The U.K.-based John Lewis Partnership has joined a growing list of retailers to launch technology incubators. The retailer announced JLAB, a partnership to identify and develop technology innovations that will provide the retailer with future strategic advantages with customers' needs at the core of each idea.

Google's SlickLogin acquisition buys sound authentication technology

Google has snapped up SlickLogin, an Israeli security start-up that created new sound authentication technology to replace online passwords.

Gates and Ballmer step aside, Nadella named new Microsoft CEO

After much speculation Microsoft has named Satya Nadella as its new CEO, succeeding Steve Ballmer, who is retiring. In his new role, Nadella will develop a mobile-first cloud-first strategy to grow the company.

Former Walmart exec joins Supply Chain Management Research Center

Gary Maxwell has joined the Supply Chain Management Research Center at the University of Arkansas as an executive in residence.