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Latest Headlines

EBay ends same-day delivery, shifts focus to click-and-collect

EBay pulled its same-day delivery service app from the App Store. The Now app, which allowed customers to shop from their phones and receive the items from local retailers later that same day, will now be dropped as the company focuses on click-and-collec

CVS to open technology lab

CVS Health will be opening a technology development center in Boston this winter to further efforts in mobile applications and health-related technology initiatives.

How Home Depot's founder kept his legacy intact after hack

Home Depot's outgoing CEO Frank Blake could have had his legacy erased by the retailer's recent data breach. But instead of passing blame or handing off responsibilities to his successor, Craig Menear, Blake rolled up his sleeves and got to work, according to Fortune.

Retail's winners seize digital marketing technologies

Marketing in retail has been on the front lines of omnichannel transformation the longest of any retail department. As the most customer-facing activity, marketing has quickly become the most obvious way to see whether a retailer is able to present one brand face to the customer or not.

Walmart focused on enterprise-wide improvements

Walmart management is trying to turn a very big ship. As supercenters underperform, the focus has shifted to small stores and omnichannel initiatives, moves confirmed by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon during a meeting with analysts.

Only 5% of retail has fully executed omnichannel strategy

In spite of rising consumer expectations, just 5 percent of retailers believe they have advanced omnichannel capabilities, according to a new report by SPS Commerce.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto: The rise of robots poses many challenges

Robots are on the move—advancing from simple physical tasks to intellectual areas of business including medical diagnostics and data and financial analysis. Gartner has predicted that one in three jobs will be taken by robots or software automation by the year 2025, and the rise of robots also poses challenges for HR managers.

Retailers not spending enough on IT infrastructure

Retailers are prioritizing customer-facing programs over strategic infrastructure improvements, choosing to invest in data capture for marketing purposes and pricing programs over mobile platforms and improved delivery.

92% of executives satisfied with big data applications

Big data is a big buzzword in retail and while the term can be ambiguous, 92 percent of executives say they're satisfied with the results of big data applications within their organizations.

Macy's to invest $1B in CapEx as omnichannel grows

Macy's is putting its money where its mouth is, promising to invest up to $1 billion in technology and infrastructure to support online and omnichannel efforts.