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Latest Headlines

Verizon to acquire AOL

Verizon said this week it will acquire AOL, which has evolved from an internet service provider to a digital conglomerate, for $4.4. billion. The purchase is seen as strengthening the telecommunications company's efforts to expand in mobile platforms and digital advertising.

Standard General acquires RadioShack's intellectual property; customer data sale pending

RadioShack's intellectual property, which includes the iconic brand's name as well as its customer data, was sold at auction this week to Standard General, a hedge fund that acquired many of the stores, keeping 1,700 of them from liquidation with plans to revive the RadioShack legacy.

Sears gives Home Services technology reboot

From its new Seattle office, the engineering team at Sears Home Services is out to upgrade the technology supporting the entire operation from the consumer interface to the back-end infrastructure.  

Kroger CIO envisions big tech changes across the enterprise

Kroger is making major technology changes across its retail operation to address checkout and food spoilage, and to add a new data analytics program.  

Retailers lose $1.75 trillion to 'ghost economy' of inventory distortion

Poor inventory processes and lack of systems integration causing overstocks, out-of-stocks and needless returns are to primarily blame for $1.75 trillion in retailer losses worldwide. Personnel issues are the third component of the inefficiencies.

What's in the future for supermarkets?

Grocery shopping won't be as much of a chore in 20 years, because it will be integrated into everyday life, said FreshDirect CEO Jason Ackerman.

Bankruptcy judge approves RadioShack data auction, but not sale

A Delaware bankrutpcy judge has agreed to approve bidding procedures for the sale of RadioShack's intellectual property, which includes millions of customers' data. He has not promised to approve the sale itself, should a bid be accepted.

Google offers retailers free fashion trend reports

Google has begun preparing fashion trend analysis reports and offering them free of charge to retailers. The company is attempting to leverage its 6 billion fashion-related searches in an attempt to grow beyond its search engine and advertising platform to become more influential in e-commerce and fashion.

Kroger buys dunnhumbyUSA assets, launches new data company

Kroger is acquiring assets from dunnhumbyUSA and forming a new consumer insights company to be called 84.51° that will operate with those assets as a foundation. The deal is effective immediately.

CIOs embrace cloud, mobile to transform stores

The explosive growth of digital technology is compelling retail CIOs to embrace mobile and cloud mediums. Most retailers operate about 60 percent of their systems in the cloud, and others hope to increase that figure to 90 percent soon.