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Quick news from around the Web... Yuan decline tempts Walmart to squeeze suppliers Bed Bath & Beyond looks to future Men's Wearhouse founder looks to marry tech and tuxes Hy-Vee set to...

40% will switch retailers for better security, payments convenience

Loyalty to retailers can be fleeting. Forty percent of customers are willing to change to another retailer for day-to-day items if new technologies offering better data security and convenience of payments are available.

Crocs uses predictive analytics to optimize email promos

Crocs is using customer data and predictive analytics to drive customer engagement, and ultimately purchases, through its email promotions.

GS1 US's Carpenter sees diverse future for product ID

Nearly every product in every store in every transaction involves GS1 standards in some respect. Most commonly, it is the Universal Product Code, generally referred to as the barcode, which was first used at retail more than 40 years ago.

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Quick news from around the Web... Target's plan to beef up e-commerce Lowe's listens to omnichannel shoppers CART launches retail app store to advance innovation DKNY gets personal for New...

Target to hire 1,000 for IT, reduce outsourcing

Target has a new plan to boost its technology capabilities. To reduce reliance on outsourcing, the retailer is hiring 1,000 people for IT, including 500 software engineers.

Ready or not, it's time to bring up the curtain on EMV

EMV's time has come, but despite the October fraud liability shift deadline and the big security advantages to consumers and retailers, it's unclear how much it will be noticed.

Technology to watch: Mobile visual search has IT implications

Mobile visual search is a trending topic. Retailers are adding the features to mobile apps; creating ad campaigns, catalogs and shoppable circulars; and promoting the technology via social media and with splashy press releases.

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Quick news from around the Web... Senate Intel chair: Cyber bill not likely until October Amazon to release $50 tablet as it struggles to sell pricier devices Home Depot's online sales see 25%...

Walmart taps technology to train front-line workers

Walmart is testing a new "upskilling" training program for entry level employees that provides instruction through two or three-minute, game-like computer modules.