Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Simon and eBay debut the Connected Mall

Simon and eBay are partnering to create an interactive mall with a "smart" directory, point-to-point navigation and personalized offers and deals. The Connected Mall pilot program at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California, is meant to provide an interactive and personal shopping experience.

58% of mobile shoppers prefer devices to store employees

More than half (58 percent) of shoppers who use mobile devices prefer to look up information on their devices while shopping, rather than talk to store employees, according to a new report from the Consumer Electronics Association.

Target partners with Google for in-store mobile experience

Target has been building its mobile presence and today announced a partnership with Google to create an interactive, in-store experience. The Bullseye's Playground mobile game consists of six interactive games including sledding, ice fishing and snowball fights.

79% of mobile moms use phones in-store

There's a reason why millennial are such a huge focus for retailers, brands and marketers: the vast majority of young mothers are influenced by mobile devices while in stores.

Black Friday apps: Deals are important, but customer experience is the priority

Retailers are always trying to hone their mobile experience to reach customers on the move, and shoppers are never more mobile than on Black Friday. Having an effective app strategy in place will be more important this year than ever before, with many shoppers planning to do more shopping on mobile than they have in the past.

On the Hot Seat: Nebraska Furniture Mart

FierceMobileRetail  spoke with Nebraska Furniture Mart's Robyn Messerly, software development manager, and Gavin Koehler, senior mobile applications developer, to see how a 76-year-old retailer is leveraging this very modern mobile technology: iBeacons.

Retailers under-utilize mobile technology in stores

Shoppers may be using mobile devices in record numbers while in stores to compare pricing and access reviews, but retailers are underutilizing the technology to their own detriment.

Target introduces 3D printing for holiday items

Those watching the 3D printing category can now look beyond office supply retailers. Target is now offering 3D printing for small decorative and gift items for the holidays.

Ahold testing virtual supermarket

Ahold USA, parent company of supermarket chains Giant, Stop & Shop, Martin's and Peapod, is testing out a virtual shopping tool.

Mobile ads and circulars prove particularly effective for retail

It may be time for retailers to start thinking about chucking the print circulars and begin focusing more on their mobile promotions.