Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Meijer connects to millennials the old fashioned way

Millennials may be the mobile generation, but Meijer is connecting with them in more ways than simply through a smartphone. The retailer's strategy is to stick to its knitting.

Sears opens IoT showroom in Silicon Valley

Sears is opening an connected solutions flagship store in San Bruno, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. The showroom features a living room, kitchen, nursery, workout room, garage and outdoor area so shoppers can try IoT technology firsthand.

Walmart seeks 50% faster scan times with invisible barcodes

Walmart is testing a new invisible barcode technology that could speed up the checkout process by 50 percent and help eliminate long lines.

GameStop makes mobile personal with new digitized markets

GameStop is defying the odds. Its shopper base is young and tech-savvy, and its product category has shifted from a physical product sold in a brick-and-mortar location to a digital one, delivered in streaming bits and bytes from the cloud. But as the business has shifted, so too has GameStop's strategy. Today it is increasingly digital and mobile.

Mobile holiday plans crucial, but one size does not fit all

It's summer, which means hot dogs, 100 degree temperatures, and planning for the holiday season—well, at least for retailers. For this group, it's not too early to begin worrying about gift delivery and winter storm warnings, and the 2015 season is shaping up to bigger and more challenging on the mobile front than ever.

McDonald's tests kiosks and tablets

A McDonald's in Gainsborough, U.K., boasts new technology to help reduce service time and lines. Officially opening over the weekend, the high-tech fast-food restaurant includes self-service kiosks, digital menu boards and tablets. The tablets also allow children to play games, making the experience more family-friendly.

Millennials demand seamless redemption of digital coupons

Coupons are a key tool for retailers, one that has conssitently been proven to work with most demographics.

Facebook is giving away free beacons

Facebook has updated its Place Tips to expand beyond the intitial test and is giving away beacons to businesses to get help facilitiate adoption. Place Tips lets users create posts and photos naming a retailer or business from the Facebook app when opened at that location. The program was announced in January and was being tested at select business in New York City.

Mobile shopping growth slow as in-store refuses to go away

Mobile initiatives may be a top priority for many merchants, but new research indicates that growh in m-commerce is slowing with shoppers claiming a preference for the in-store experience.

Tesco trials mobile coupons to drive traffic to new concept store

British grocer Tesco has taken a tentative step into the mobile couponing world with a limited test conducted with the help of mobile firm Weve.