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Latest Headlines

Macy's to focus on mobile

Macy's made waves when it announced plans to close 14 stores and cut jobs in early spring of this year in order to focus more on digital platforms and its omnichannel strategy. Both mobile web and mobile apps will be a priority going forward, according to R.B. Harrison, Macy's chief omnichannel officer.

1M beacon giveaway seeks to deepen retail adoption

Beacon adoption at retail is about to get a boost with 1 million free Bluetooth beacons soon to be handed out to merchants. ShopX, a retail platform for workforce management, announced it would give away 1 million units of hardware and the software to go with it, for free. The move is intended to deepen ShopX's engagement with retailers.

Tesco launches Google Glass app as the wearable's momentum dies

As it tries to get its finances in order, Tesco has announced the launch of its Google Glass shopping app, which has been in the works since June 2014.

In-store WiFi boosts customer loyalty 28%

It seems in-store technology can greatly increase customer engagement, as 28 percent of consumers are reported to be more loyal due to in-store WiFi, according to a collaborative study conducted by EarthLink Holdings, IHL Group and AirTight Networks.

GameStop deploys beacons to bring in millennials

GameStop isn't playing games. The retailer posted its largest sales gains in six years thanks to new digital initiatives that are successfully wooing those most elusive of shoppers: millennials.

CES: IoT holds promise but presents challenges

LAS VEGAS—The Internet of Things (IoT) was the topic at the International CES, as companies continue to connect homes, consumers and objects to the cloud. IoT holds great promise for retailers and product manufucturers, many of which were in Las Vegas.

Mobile app use jumps, 55% use retail apps in-store

App use in-store is skyrocketing and the rate of increase is surpassing many retailers' expectations as smartphone use and shopper preferences expand beyond the expectation of discounts delivered via mobile devices.

Marsh Supermarkets pioneers beacon–Apple Watch integration

Wearables haven't taken off just yet, but their upside continues to be enor m ous. Now one retail innovator is pioneering the integration of the grocery shopping experience with the Apple Watch in hopes of building a more seamless shopping experience.

Simon and eBay debut the Connected Mall

Simon and eBay are partnering to create an interactive mall with a "smart" directory, point-to-point navigation and personalized offers and deals. The Connected Mall pilot program at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California, is meant to provide an interactive and personal shopping experience.

58% of mobile shoppers prefer devices to store employees

More than half (58 percent) of shoppers who use mobile devices prefer to look up information on their devices while shopping, rather than talk to store employees, according to a new report from the Consumer Electronics Association.