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Latest Headlines

Data breaches: Will retailers step-up their game?

My eyes skim the headlines of what has become commonplace: another data breach at another retailer, customer information stolen by hackers. As a reporter and concerned citizen, I wonder how many more retailers will be hit. But as a consumer, I'm frankly not that concerned…yet.

Alibaba partners with Alipay to help US brands reach Chinese shoppers

E-commerce giant Alibaba announced a partnership with Alipay ePass to allow U.S. and other Western retailers access to Chinese shoppers.

Amazon stores could pressure back-end operations

Online retailer Amazon is eyeing the physical world with plans to open stores. And in spite of the e-commerce giant's prowess at just about everything it attempts, the real-world effort could put pressure on its back-end operations.

UPS expands access points to reduce delivery stops

UPS will expand its My Choice and Access Point network, two services that provide online shoppers additional options for parcel pickup.

70% of shoppers would leave a work meeting to get limited-time offer

E-commerce is currently a $3 billion market worldwide and growing at a rate of 20 percent. Specifically for the holiday season, online sales and mail orders are projected to climb 13.5 percent, far more than the 4 to 4.5 percent growth in the overall retail sector. Therefore, it's no surprise that consumers are willing to put deal finding at the top of the priority list this year.

Has social media run its course?

Two days of conference sessions, booth visits and scheduled meetings at's annual Summit yielded lots of ideas, conversations and connections. But one thing was very much missing from the conference: social.

Neiman Marcus reveals new online shopping feature has added myNM to the online shopping experience. The automated feature—located on the top-left corner of the homepage—helps personalize online shopping by mimicking the in-store shopping experience.

CEO of Fanatics, Rue La La speaks on PayPal and eBay split, Alibaba and same-day shipping

In a morning keynote session of the Summit, Sucharita Mulpuru, VP, principal analyst, Forrester Research sat down to a fireside chat with Michael Rubin, founder and CEO, Kynetic, on "Capitalizing on the Digital Transformation of Commerce." 

The omnichannel analytics challenge

The most striking results in our recent "Omni-Channel Retail 2014: Double Trouble" benchmark report come from technology enabler adoption. While it's not the same retailers necessarily who take our surveys year over year, nonetheless they reflect some important trends in the aggregate. 

Lands' End focuses on B2B e-commerce

Lands' End executives are banking on the retailer's B2B website to shore up overall e-commerce sales, following the company's split from Sears Holdings. While Lands' End separated from Sears in April, some of its merchandise is still sold in Sears stores.