Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Calvin Klein pushing international e-commerce

Calvin Klein's e-commerce stores are now available on three continents and soon it will be four. By 2016, the sites will be operating in at least 20 different countries.

Etsy vendors can now sell in-stream on social media channels

Etsy has partnered with Zantler to offer its merchants Shoppost, a social commerce platform that allows merchants to sell in-post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Shoppost allows merchandise to appear in social media posts much as it does in an e-commerce storefront.

Nearly half of in-store shoppers do research on mobile

A new study shows that the line between m-commerce and the in-store experience is rapidly disappearing as retailers reported that nearly half of customers who have used their phone for shopping have done so in-store.

47% of shoppers buying more beauty products online

In an industry traditionally rooted in touching, seeing and testing, e-commerce is becoming a more popular channel for shoppers to buy beauty and personal care products. According to A.T. Kearney's study "Beauty and the E-Commerce Beast: 2014 Edition," 47 percent of surveyed participants purchased more beauty products online this year compared to last year.

Google attempts to beat Amazon with new shopping features

The new plans for Google's Shopping service are eerily similar to features already in place at Amazon.  According to inside contacts, Google has approached retailers about creating a "buy" button for Google Shopping, similar to Amazon's popular "one-click ordering" feature. Of course, up until now, Google Shopping has referred shoppers to merchants' websites via links in search results.

China sees sales shift to online

Online shopping in China is booming and taking away from in-store sales for many retailers.

E-commerce has positive effect on H&M's November sales

November sales for H&M rose 10 percent in November, due in great part to the retailer's new online sales markets.

Amazon's 'Make an Offer' platform offers more price control

Amazon continued to expand its sales platform into niche categories with the announcement of the new "Make an Offer" feature. The option will allow customers to haggle for better deals while giving vendors more control over pricing.

Hudson's Bay's e-commerce up 73% in quarter

During the company's quarterly report, Hudson's Bay Co. announced that digital sales were up 73 percent to $62 million for Q3, for its non-Saks properties.

Amazon introduces price negotiation tool

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) unveiled "Make an Offer," a new platform that allows users to negotiate lower prices on thousands of items. Initially, consumers will be able to negotiate on more than...