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Latest Headlines

Retailers are beating bad weather with better analytics

It's not unusual for retailers to blame the weather when sales go south, but one of the great benefits of omnichannel is that the impact of bad weather is minimized. The storms of 2015, thus far, may have buried parts of the United States but they aren't burying retailers.

60% of U.S. shoppers will divulge personal information to favorite stores

A majority of U.S. shoppers, 60 percent, said they would be comfortable giving out personal information, anonymously, to their favorite stores in exchange for benefits and rewards.

Staples Canada uses data analytics to measure digital coupon ROI

Tracking online to offline sales and measuring ROI on digital programs is a challenge, but for Staples Canada a recent test uncovered key words that drove a 200 percent increase in incremental ROI.

Spotlight on…Wearable Devices for the enterprise is extending the wearable device trend to the enterprise, launching Salesforce Wear and giving developers  tools  to create apps for the wireless devices. ARM, Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, Samsung and other device manufacturers joined the initiative.

SAP announces new marketing dashboard and industry solutions

SAP has announced that it is building out its CRM offerings with a new marketing performance dashboard and some new industry-specific solutions.

Adobe partners with SAP to make sense of 'big data'

Adobe's new partnership with SAP, announced at the annual Adobe Summit Wednesday, integrates Adobe Marketing Cloud with the SAP HANA platform and the hybris Commerce Suite, according to FierceRetailIT 's sister publication, FierceCMO.

New Opportunities In Open Data

Not all data that's valuable is internal and proprietary. New initiatives by governments including the United States and Mexico are opening the spigots of readily usable public data. New sources of open data could help unlock $3 trillion to $5 trillion in economic value annually across several sectors including retail, on a global level, according to new research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the McKinsey Center for Government, and McKinsey's Business Technology Office.

Holiday Desktop Sales Soar; M-Commerce is the Future

While desktop computer purchases accounted for the majority of e-commerce purchases this holiday season, the growth of m-commerce during the season was undeniable. In fact, annual m-commerce sales are expected to reach $707 billion by 2018, representing 30 percent of all e-commerce, according to a new report. The projected growth of the market is not surprising to those of us following m-commerce's developments in the past year alone. 

Retailer Takes Customer Tracking to New Level for the Holidays

As we have discussed here before, more retailers are adding technology to track customers’ traffic and purchases in stores, from iBeacons to infrared sensors. The practice is becoming so common, in fact, that the Future of Privacy Forum estimates that around 1,000 small and large retailers are using some type of sensors to monitor the pathways their customers take throughout the store. Macy’s is the largest and most recent example of a retailer effectively using customer tracking in an attempt to increase customers’ purchases this holiday season. In November, Macy’s installed Apple’s iBeacon technology in certain stores in New York and San Francisco, in partnership with rewards app Shopkick. Shopkick’s shopBeacons enable shoppers with iPhones and some Android phones to have their Shopkick app “woken” up by a signal from Bluetooth transmitters when they enter Macy’s, even if their phones are in sleep mode, according to The Wall Street Journal. As a customer who has opted in walks through a Macy’s store, they might see special offers based on the products they are near, Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick’s CEO, told the newspaper

Customization and Conversation Is Key In Creating Omnichannel Retail Wins

Malissa Nelson, director of marketing and eCommerce at Dean and Deluca, spoke on FierceRetail's webinar, "How Retailers Are Embracing Omnichannel Strategies to Improve Customer Experience," and shared how the foods retailer connects with customers in store and online, and the number one way to get customers to trust brands.