Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Target narrows focus to baby, child, style and wellness products

Target is planning to focus its bullseye on a handful of departments as part of a strategic move to bring shoppers back into the stores and to stay competitive online.

Apple Watch, Pay will change retail

Apple introduced new iPhones, a watch and, notably, the long-awaited mobile wallet that will tie together hardware, software and retail in an entirely new way.

The untold story of the Target data breach

Target's data breach is among the largest to date and has impacted the retailer far beyond the event's scope and moment in time.

Backoff malware widespread, PCI Council issues call to action

Backoff malware has affected more than 1,000 U.S. businesses, infecting POS systems from Target to Supervalu. The United States Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that the Backoff POS malware may have infected more systems than previously believed.

Target pledges to act more like a start-up

At Target, innovation means acting like a start-up, taking risks and moving fast. At least that's the plan going forward according to Alan Wizemann.

Target profits drop 62% in second quarter

Target reported a 62 percent drop in profits for the second quarter as a result of price cutting.

Target pledges to act more like a start-up

At Target, innovation means acting like a start-up, taking risks and moving fast. Alan Wizemann, VP of product for the retailer's website and mobile operations, is fast-tracking innovation as the retailer attempts to establish a stronger online presence, grow e-commerce and expand mobile applications.

Walmart maintains price edge over Target

Walmart narrowly remained the leader over Target in lower basket totals by 1 percent. 

JCPenney gambles on Brooklyn store

JCPenney has been busy getting smaller, shutting down 33 underperforming stores across the country. However, it's now investing in one new store in Brooklyn, New York, with the hopes of boosting its turnaround efforts. The store opens Aug. 29 and will mark the retailer's first location in the borough, its final frontier in New York to augment the existing JCPenney stores in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Target and PF Chang's breaches 'the tip of the iceberg'

As if retailers needed any reminders that their businesses are vulnerable to security breaches, experts at a recent conference warned that Target and P.F. Chang's are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to credit card fraud.