Amazon introduces price negotiation tool

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) unveiled "Make an Offer," a new platform that allows users to negotiate lower prices on thousands of items. Initially, consumers will be able to negotiate on more than...

Possible Bebe data breach

Several financial institutions have reported that hackers have stolen credit and debit card information from Bebe.

FBI issues malware alert

The FBI has issued an alert warning U.S. businesses of a destructive "wiper" malware attack following the security breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The malware overrides all data on hard drives including the master boot record.

Asset management critical to IT security

It's been a year since Target's data breach and retailers are still vulnerable even as the busiest shopping season kicks into high gear, warns security experts largely due to a lack of focus on asset management.

DSW's loss prevention program reduces costs and recidivism

DSW Inc. is incorporating the CEC Restorative Justice Education solution into its Loss Prevention program to handle and reduce petty thefts.

Best Buy site rebuild not yet ready for prime time

Best Buy was plagued with system problems on the all-important Black Friday, causing the retailer to take its website offline twice during the day.

Best Buy, Forever 21 websites downed by traffic; Sears, Costco move at top speed

Cyber Monday retail Web traffic looked to be as high, if not higher, than Black Friday, according to early numbers on the Dynatrace Retail Index. However, all of that traffic slowed down and even...

Amazon introduces robots to fill holiday orders

Amazon has introduced robots from Kiva Systems, machines that work in fulfillment centers, moving around the warehouse floors. The robots are helping Amazon to more quickly fill holiday orders.

In-store virtual technology gains store space

In-store technology's popularity is on the rise as virtual experiences become more common in the physical setting. Story...

5 Cyber Monday predictions

Once the Black Friday weekend — all five days of it — is the run up to Cyber Monday and its accompanying Web traffic, inventory and fulfillment issues. FierceRetailIT has identified five trends to watch ahead of the busiest online shopping day and the fulfillment it requires.

EBay ends same-day delivery, shifts focus to click-and-collect

EBay pulled its same-day delivery service app from the App Store. The Now app, which allowed customers to shop from their phones and receive the items from local retailers later that same day, will now be dropped as the company focuses on click-and-collec

Shoppers don't feel safe, demand to be compensated for security breaches

Online shopping may see the biggest rise this year, but many consumers still do not feel safe, and many are staying away from retail websites as a result.

Retail security still very much under attack

There is perhaps no subject more important to retailers this season than security. Just one year after a data breach at Target compromised 40 million payment cards and the personal information of 70 million shoppers, the event is still fresh in shoppers'—and retailers'—minds.

Amazon launches social commerce platform for retailers

Shoppost, a platform for social commerce, is now available for retailers selling on the Amazon Webstore. Created by Zantler, Shoppost allows retailers to sell their products in-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs in a post that looks like an e-commerce storefront and will connect customers directly to the checkout process.

It's hacker season: Five things retailers need to know

Holiday shopping is in full swing and retailers aren't the only ones hoping to cash in. Cyber thieves are hacking for a cut of your profits and no business – from the local mom and pop store to Fortune 100 retailer – is immune to attack.

New payment app combines mobile wallet and POS

A new payment platform is promising to combine beacons and Apple Pay. The technology, from startup Pay with Drop is a beacon-driven mobile payments consumer app and POS solution that lets shoppers pay for items via the app from up to 200 feet away, then pick up purchases at a designated location.

Staples and Michaels data breaches connected

There's new evidence to suggest the Staples and Michaels data breaches are connected and could be the work of the same cyber criminals.