Heartland sues Mercury Payment Systems over unfair and deceptive practices

Heartland Payment Systems, has filed a federal lawsuit against Mercury Payment Systems, charging them with false advertising, unfair competition, intentional interference with contractual relations, and  intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.

Former Walmart exec joins Supply Chain Management Research Center

Gary Maxwell has joined the Supply Chain Management Research Center at the University of Arkansas as an executive in residence.

Retail veteran Thomas Nielsen joins ArcherPoint

Thomas Nielsen has joined ArcherPoint, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP Partner and provider of integrated business solutions for retailers, as presales consultant to the retail delivery team.

For nearly 20 years, Nielsen has held leadership roles in private industry and within Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners, working exclusively with retail organizations and specializing in Dynamics NAV and LS Retail installations across Europe, Asia and Australasia. As presales consultant with ArcherPoint, Nielsen will support the retail sales team in driving new business.

Google goes deeper into AI with DeepMind acquisition

Google is buying artificial intelligence company DeepMind for $400 million, snapping up a talent pool the company says will have practical uses in e-commerce.

London-based DeepMind was founded by games prodigy and neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, along with Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. According to Re/code, this is largely a talent acquisition, and Google CEO Larry Page led the deal himself. Hassabis in particular is a former child prodigy in chess and "probably the best games player in history" according to the Mind Sports Olympiad.

The Wireless Registry wants to be the address book for the Internet of Things

The Wireless Registry wants to create a global registry for wireless names and devices, making it easier to associate content to these names and provide meaning when they are detected.

CompTIA IT Industry Outlook 2014: 12 Trends to impact performance in 2014

The IT industry is likely to experience moderate growth in 2014, according to the IT Industry Outlook 2014 released today by CompTIA.

Survey: 99 percent of IT pros asked to provide business insight, just one-third confident in doing so

IT professionals must be prepared to not only manage an increasing array of technologies, but also step outside their traditional role by leading strategic business initiatives.

That's the message from Solar Winds' new IT survey that charts the evolving role of IT professionals in the business environment. The provider of IT management software released the results of its new IT survey and the results reveal increasing infrastructure complexity has affected the role of nearly all IT professionals, creating the need for new skillsets, including the ability to help companies make informed, strategic business decisions.

Apple could be readying mobile payments program

Shoppers could soon be able to pay via a proprietary payment system on Apple devices as the company builds an internal team to address payments.

The Story of How Target Had Chip and PIN Cards, But Failed to Keep Them

Target almost avoided being the victim -- along with more than 70 million of its customers -- of the largest data breach in U.S. retail history. It had a chip-based smart card program but failed to successfully roll it out.

The Battle For Reduced Debit Card Fees Rages On in Federal Appeals Court

Retailers are facing tough questions and an uphill battle in the fight to lower debit card transaction fees.

eBay Enterprise Introduces Ship-From-Store Solution

eBay Enterprise has launched a Ship-from-Store SaaS solution that turns physical retail locations into virtual distribution centers.

Amazon Files Patent for 'Anticipatory' Shipping

Amazon filed a patent for "anticipatory package shipping," a system that predicts what a customer will buy and sends items to the closest warehouse near that shopper's shipping address. The goal of the system is to send items to shipping hubs in areas where it believes they will sell well, which leads to shorter delivery times.

The iBeacon Specs Aren't Finalized, What's at Stake?

Apple has not finalized its iBeacon API spec yet and the FCC needs to approve any radio wave-emitting devices for mass consumer deployment in the US. So, which iBeacons have been certified by Apple and approved by the FCC? What are the consequences? IndoorLBS has conducted a survey and asked vendors for answers.

Report: Six Additional Retailers Hit With Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime firm, IntelCrawler, has confirmed that at least six retailers have been hit with data breaches similar to the one affecting Target. 

NRF Issues Industry-Wide Directive Regarding Data Security, Calls For Chip and PIN

The National Retail Federation has issued a statement addressing recent security breaches and its efforts to help retailers be better protected in the future. 

"We believe it is critically important to share with you some information related to the issue of data theft, particularly in light of the most recent, high-profile media coverage of the criminal fraud committed against retail customers," said Mallory Duncan, NRF senior vice president and general counsel.

Sears Canada Outsources to IBM

Sears Canada is outsourcing operations from three internal call centers to IBM. The move to a third party will enable Sears to realize significant capability upgrades which will result in better processes, controls and tracking and an overall improvement in the customer experience. The transfer of responsibility, designed to be seamless to customers, will take place over the next nine months and affect 1,345 associates.

The company is also initiating a reorganization and simplification of its logistics organization intended to drive optimal performance by leveraging tools and technology that will streamline business processes, which will result in an additional staff reduction of 283 associates effective immediately.

Tesco and Verizon Partner For New Centralization Program

Tesco and Verizon are partnering up, with Tesco migrating to a single global network infrastructure, which will underpin its ongoing application and infrastructure centralization program.