Sears opens IoT showroom in Silicon Valley

Sears is opening a connected solutions flagship store in San Bruno, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. The showroom features a living room, kitchen, nursery, workout room, garage and outdoor area so shoppers can try IoT technology firsthand. Simultaneously, the retailer is expanding its selection of smart technology products in stores across the country.

EMV update: 75% of retailers to miss October deadline

New research is out that shows 75 percent of retailers will not be in compliance with EMV chip cards by the October liability shift deadline, which is now three months away. This percentage is higher than in previous studies and comes shortly after the publication of a white paper from the EMV Migration Forum explaining the liability shift.

In-store key to Home Depot's $1B e-commerce growth

Home Depot's $1 billion growth in online sales last year—totaling $3.5 billion on the Web—was largely due to the home improvement chain's effective use of its stores.

Walmart data collection program to improve Web product information

Walmart is out to improve the quality of product information available to consumers on the Internet—particularly from social media sources—with a supplier data collection program that will launch later this year.

Reverse retailing brings store traffic, online sales, cyber attacks

As more merchants master the art of omnichannel retailing, they benefit from a new phenomenon called 'reverse retailing,' or intentional showrooming. However, this has led to an increase in online security problems.

RFID enables retailers to control inventory of complex categories

Item-level radio frequency identification tags used for inventory control can deliver significant revenue uplift and double-digit return on investment depending on the category in which they are used.

Walmart lures tech talent from eBay

It's the biggest retailer vs. the biggest online retailer. Walmart has hired about 65 technology professionals from eBay, where they face an uncertain future. Walmart needs talent in key...

Walmart seeks 50% faster scan times with invisible barcodes

Walmart is testing a new invisible barcode technology that could speed up the checkout process by 50 percent and help eliminate long lines.

In supply chain tech, retailers must change or become obsolete

Change or become obsolete. Those are the only two choices facing retailers as the result of rapid and extensive technological advances affecting everything from the supply chain to shopper purchasing behavior.

Mobile devices replace POS terminals at checkout counters

Mobile point-of-sale systems are intended to roam free, meeting and checking out customers wherever they may be, but many merchants are anchoring the devices to the counter as a replacement for traditional POS terminals.

Is CVS-Target pharmacy deal a potential privacy 'train wreck'?

The acquisition of 1,660 Target pharmacies this month by CVS raises significant data security questions, privacy issues and possible HIPAA conflicts.

Kroger tests natural, organics e-commerce site

Kroger is piloting an e-commerce site for natural and organic products in its Colorado-based King Soopers division, then will evaluate the test for a possible rollout to other markets.

RFID resurgence boosts inventory accuracy

An old technology is solving the vexing problem of inventory management in omnichannel environments: radio frequency identification. The result is big market growth for RFID and a big ROI for retailers implementing it.

New payment technologies are DOA? Not so fast

Apple Pay is DOA. Samsung Pay is delayed. CurrentC won't even get that far. EMV has negative ROI. Those are just a few of the story lines of the past few weeks. All seem to ignore one important point: this is very new stuff.

Amazon adds merchant items to Prime

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has begun quietly rolling out a program that drastically increases the number of products eligible for Amazon Prime's two-day shipping option. The e-commerce retailer is now...

Social media 'buy' buttons to change e-commerce game for retailers

The emergence of a new wave of 'buy' buttons will help social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest become game changers in the eyes of retailers—they greatly increase the 1.5 percent of web traffic now flowing from social to merchants.

POS crime pays, bad guys get 1,425% ROI

For some, crime does pay—at least for now. Point-of-sale hackers reap an estimated 1,425 percent return on investment for their exploit kit and ransomware schemes.