Retailers need security standards for NFC-based services

With the addition of host card emulation and tokenization to mobile devices, near field communication services have become an increasingly complex ecosystem. As a result, security standards for applications that use NFC have become more important to retailers who want to provide a secure environment for their shoppers' transactions.

Whole Foods promotes CIO to exec team

Jason Buechel is the newest member of Whole Foods Market's executive team after being promoted from global VP and CIO to exec-VP and CIO. He remains responsible for all aspects of information technology.

'Black box recorder' resolves hhgregg's e-commerce issues

Appliance and electronics retailer hhgregg has integrated a software solution into its e-commerce site that allows the merchant to replay customer Web experiences so problems can be quickly resolved.

66% of IT execs say chip-and-signature provides insufficient security

As the retail industry prepares to transition to EMV credit and debit cards, 66 percent of IT decision makers, including those in the C-suite, believe the chip-and-signature authentication method being pushed by the credit card networks provides insufficient security to card holders.

IBM Watson Infographic


CVS calls on IBM's Watson for predictive analytics

CVS Health has a new partner for its care management services: IBM's Watson computing platform, which will provide predictive analytics for patients with chronic disease.

Retailers' online photo sites still down after hacking incident

The online photo sites of several retailers, including Costco, Sam's Club and Rite Aid, are still inoperative after being taken down more than a week ago, following a presumed hacking incident. The sites are not expected to return until early August, thus missing much of the summer photo processing season. PNI Digital Media, owned by Staples and used by several retailers to manage photo sites, is investigating the possible data breach. It is not clear whether any customer information has been taken.

Windows 10 security features may lead to rapid retail implementation

Although notoriously slow to upgrade Windows operating systems, retailers may be scrutinizing yesterday's release of Windows 10 more than past upgrades. The Microsoft system's new features may compell retailers to upgrade sooner than usual, but they still won't rush to the download site like many consumers.

Restaurant chain skips switch to EMV despite fraud liability

Despite the warnings, benefits, and impending shift of credit card liability to companies that are not EMV compliant, restaurant chain Garden Fresh has no intention of making the change to the chip-card technology. Instead, the chain is waiting until mobile payment systems become more prevalent.

Invisible barcodes to solve slow checkout complaints

Shoppers want a checkout experience that matches their contemporary lifestyle: fast. A recent study found that 88 percent of U.S. adults want faster transactions at retail stores, while 50 percent cited slow checkout speeds and long lines as their biggest complaints.

Mobile, sensors, analytics transform in-store shopping

Smartphones and new digital solutions are key to integrating technology into the physical store. Advances in mobile devices, sensor-based technologies and data analytics will transform the shopping experience soon rather than later.

Walmart-backed CurrentC to begin testing

CurrentC, a long awaited competitor to Apple Pay, will begin testing in stores next month. Among all the mobile payment apps either in the market now, or expected in the near future, CurrentC is the only one funded by major retailers, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Target uses social media to promote back-to-school

Target is turning to the internet to promote back-to-school, its second biggest selling season. Using a "School List Assist" tool on its website, social media influencers to interest kids, and deals aimed at parents, Target wants to position itself as a one-stop shopping destination. The school list tool is new to and provides a curated list of school supplies that can be ordered online for delivery to homes or to stores. During the back-to-school selling season, Target plans to continue to use social media to highlight products and trends.

New point-of-sale malware GamaPoS spreads across US

A new breed of point-of-sale malware, called GamaPoS, is spreading across the United States and Canada through the Andromeda botnet. In a first for such threats, GamaPoS uses malware coded using the .NET framework.

Staples' B2B e-commerce site revamped for larger companies

Staples has relaunched its business-to-business e-commerce site, Staples Advantage, to make it easier to use for medium and large-sized companies. It also revamped its consumer site,

Target opens cybersecurity center to fight online threats

Target recently opened a state of the art Cyber Fusion Center to protect customer data from online threats. It is part of the $1 billion investment the retailer is making in technology and supply chain this year.