How Room & Board makes data personal

Creating the online equivalent of the in-store experience, one that hinges on associate interaction, is a challenge for any retailer. So for home furniture chain Room & Board, the idea that impersonal data could create a more personalized experience was a foreign one.

Finance pros choose chip-and-PIN in fight against fraud

A survey found that 92 percent of finance professionals believe strongly that chip-and-PIN EMV cards, as opposed to chip-and-signature, will effectively reduce point-of-sale fraud. 

Christopher & Banks to implement omnichannel software solution

Women's apparel retailer Christopher & Banks will integrate its online and store operations, and optimize its customer experience across all touchpoints with an omnichannel software solution.


Kroger charts path to digital transformation

Kroger is rapidly evolving from a traditional brick-and-mortar supermarket chain into an omnichannel and digital commerce retailer. The company, which is the second largest retailer in the U.S. after Walmart, generates more than $100 billion in annual revenue and continues to grow the Kroger brand's digital presence while exploring how to connect and serve customers in a digital world.

E-commerce fraud increase looms after EMV switch

With the October deadline for the EMV fraud liability shift from issuers to retailers fast approaching, merchants and financial institutions are focused on making the change happen as soon as possible. However, this does not take into account a potential increase in e-commerce fraud.

Retail threats surged during 'the year of the POS breach'

While the economy recovered and retailers grew more optimistic, 2014 was "the year of the POS breach," with many highly publicized attacks compromising millions of personal records. As a result, some of the largest and most popular retail brands were severely damaged.

Bed Bath and Beyond launches augmented reality for wedding registry app

Bed Bath and Beyond is using a universal scanner featuring augmented reality for its mobile app to enhance its annual wedding registry catalog called the Howbook. The technology adds interactive product hotspots directly to the pages of the catalog and makes the app capable of scanning UPCs, QR codes and the product hotspots.

RadioShack puts customer data sale on hold

Following U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval of the sale of RadioShack's assets to hedge fund Standard General, the possible sale of the retailer's customer data has been tabled, said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In a last-minute deal, Standard General agreed not to purchase the data.

IoT, smartphones seen as diminishing checkstands' preeminence

With the Internet of Things and consumer smartphones, the preeminent role of the retail checkout lane may be greatly diminished. Many shoppers carry sophisticated smartphones capable of doing everything expected of a point-of-sale system signaling that the day of the handheld self-checkout device may have finally arrived.

Apple Pay violates federal law, retailers say

Apple Pay is in violation of the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act, according to retailer groups including the National Retail Federation.

Global online sales up 20% offering retail opportunity

Global online sales increased 20 percent last year and the United States took the international lead over China.

Amazon Dash enables the 'Zero Moment of Purchase'

Amazon's Dash button is a model of simplicity in the complex world of the Internet of Things. But beneath that simplicity is a marketing machine that prompts customers to re-order products without any outside influences, thus providing a wealth of sales data.

Supermarket trade group seeks EMV deadline extension

The Food Marketing Institute, the powerful trade association representing the interests of supermarket chains and other food retailers, has asked the credit card industry to delay the deadline marking the shift in fraud liability from card issuers to retailers, many of whom who are not ready for EMV.

Retailers partner with bankers to share cybersecurity information

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center has launched an intelligence sharing portal under its Retail Information Sharing Analysis Center. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis...

Banks worried that retailers won't be ready for EMV

Banks are concerned that many retailers, especially smaller ones, won't be ready to transition to the EMV chip cards later this year. Liability will shift from the card issuers to the retailers and in October if retail point-of-sale systems and banking methods aren't EMV-compliant. 

IBM, Weather Co. partner in 'Cloud' for better forecasts

Of all the predictive analytics in the world, the one retailers could make the most everyday use of is better weather forecasts. They may be coming. IBM has formed a data partnership with the Weather Company, parent of the Weather Channel, as part of its $3 billion investment in a new Internet of Things business group.

Walmart uses $10 discount to build online order pickup traffic

Walmart built its immense retail empire on discounting. Now to get consumers to use its online grocery ordering and store pickup test, it is offering $10 off a shopper's first order of $50 or higher at stores with the service.