5 Questions chief data officers must answer for effective results

As CPG and retail leaders begin to fully embrace the importance of investing in big data analytics, they're recruiting leaders to pioneer these initiatives in their organizations. But how can executives, who may have limited familiarity with the technology behind big data, be sure that the leaders they hire will set them on the right path?

87% of online retailers to increase tech spending next year

Eighty-seven percent of e-retailers plan to increase their spending on e-commerce technologies and services next year.

UPS' holiday plan is better than last year's plan

UPS has a plan to increase capacity, speed process and complete deliveries in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

RILA appoints Nicholas Ahrens VP of privacy and cybersecurity

The Retail Industry Leaders Association announced the hiring of Nicholas Ahrens as VP of privacy and cybersecurity in a Sept. 11 statement.

Nicholas Ahrens joins RILA as vice president for privacy and cybersecurity

September 11, 2014 The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) today announced Nicholas Ahrens will join the association as Vice President of Privacy and Cybersecurity. Joining the association...

Home Depot and Target hacks the work of different groups

There's new information to suggest that the groups behind the Home Depot and Target data breaches were not the same.

Macy's unveils omnichannel initiatives and new technology

Macy's is heading into the holiday season with several new omnichannel initiatives, including several new mobile components and tests. 

Walmart says no to Apple Pay

Since Apple announced the launch of virtual payment platform Apple Pay Sept. 9, brands have already signed on to use it, but Walmart wasn't interested in the new payment platform.

Eskimo malware exploits Amazon's Twitch user accounts

Twitch, Amazon's new $1 billion acquisition geared toward giving the company a way into the user-generated video content market, has been on the receiving end of a slew of recent malware attacks, and they're not designed to steal credit card information.

92% of executives satisfied with big data applications

Big data is a big buzzword in retail and while the term can be ambiguous, 92 percent of executives say they're satisfied with the results of big data applications within their organizations.

Walmart banks on mobile payments, chip-and-PIN

Walmart is counting on mobile payments and chip and PIN cards to not only improve security of retail transactions, but also make it easier for consumers to buy products.

Ikea to expand e-commerce

Ikea has been slow to develop e-commerce, but the home goods retailer will resume its rollout, following a year of focus on physical stores.

Home Depot confirms data breach

The Home Depot confirmed that its payment data systems have been breached, which could potentially impact customers using cards in its U.S. and Canadian stores. The retailer reports no evidence of the breach affecting customers who shopped in Mexico or online.

Apple Pay puts NFC and security front and center

Apple introduced a series of new products including new iPhones and a wearable, but it's the long awaited mobile payment option, Apple Pay, that will tie together hardware, software and retail in an entirely new way.

CurrentC gives more retailers mobile wallet prospects

As mobile devices and digital currency play an ever-increasing role in retail, the Merchant Customer Exchange has unveiled a new mobile wallet called CurrentC, which already has the backing of big-box retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Whole Foods stops taking checks

Check writing may be gasping out its last breath. Whole Foods joins the ranks of retailers that will no longer accept checks as a form of payment. Story...

Apple could add NFC, new payment options

All eyes are on Apple as the company prepares to announce new products and services on Sept. 9. Expected is an iPhone 6, but Apple watchers anticipate the long-awaited wearable, new payment options and near-field communication technology.